Who used to smoke a pipe? Alexandra Hotel 26th September 1973

Malcolm Sharp… just shown hastings pipe group

Dave Nattress…My dear departed (long since) Dad and a smelly, ‘orrible, stink the house out thing it was too!! Was much later in my life before I discovered a bit of Dark Shag for myself. Oops! Am I allowed to say this?

Mike Vawdrey… Smoked a pipe between 1964 – 9 because I thought it made me look intellectual and lent a certain gravitas ! (along with reading The Times although I really found it very boring). In the end decided it was a filthy habit. Genuinely liked the taste of some tobaccos such as Cope’s Escudo. Digger was bit rough however. St Bruno wasn’t bad or for a milder smoke Three Nuns , Edgeworth or some of the rather perfumed Dutch blends – Holland House ? ?

Alexandra Hotel St Leonards-on-Sea photo, late sixties

Graham Sherrington… old boring photos are IN!!!!!

Andre Martin… Was that not a Burni Inn restaurant downstairs

Colin Bell… That’s how i remember it too?

Neil Duncan… Worked here in the 60’s and can remember the rodents scamperiing across the restaurant floor at meal times.

Tony Court-holmes… drank in there many times

Joan Ann Cooper-fenner… Used to go every week to dance and was live band , early 1972

Pete Millington… SPYKE (Chris Sayer, Ian Williams, Peter Millington and Terry Chedzoy) played there 3 times a week between 1969 and 1972. Packed every night, an amazing time.

Pirate Disco with Merv Kennard – student disco Alexandra Hotel 1975

supplied by Merv Kennard

Nadia Compagnone… Alexandra Hotel was our family place for special occasions. Steak and chips was a huge treat for us all in the 1960/70s. Happy memories.

Linda Boiling… I remember going to the Alexandra hotel for a Christmas meal with my sisters work and mice running across the floor in the 70’s. Did you see any then ?

Steak at The Alexandra Hotel Eversfield Place St Leonards-On-Sea

Colin Bell… Remember eating there, very good it was too

Liane Carroll… I was conceived there! My nan and granddad used to own it!!

Peter Houghton… I worked there when it was owned by the Turkish people who owned the Granville Bexhill and also the Queens

Nadia Compagnone… This was our treat for a family occasion in the 1960/1970s. Absolutely loved going to the Alexandra. So exciting.

Jenny Power… Our family also went there for my 21st…

Pauline Sims… Jenny, same for me too!

Jane Hartley… We used to dance to the band’s in there. Also had my first champagne at a meal in the restaurant.

Ted Crouch and his band – Alexandra Hotel 1973


Julie Morris… Any posters of his Easter appearances on the Pier Alan?

Alan Esdaile… Had a quick look Julie but can’t find anything at the moment. If anything crops up I will let you know.

Alan Oliver… I thought The Alex would have closed down by 1973

Alan Esdaile… I know Spyke did a residency in 1972 Alan. Anyone confirm when The Alexandra Hotel closed as might be wrong on the date?


supplied by  Sarah Harvey

Jenny ‘Crouch’ Hayler… Ah my grandad x