Who used to smoke a pipe? Alexandra Hotel 26th September 1973

Malcolm Sharp… just shown hastings pipe group

Dave Nattress…My dear departed (long since) Dad and a smelly, ‘orrible, stink the house out thing it was too!! Was much later in my life before I discovered a bit of Dark Shag for myself. Oops! Am I allowed to say this?

Mike Vawdrey… Smoked a pipe between 1964 – 9 because I thought it made me look intellectual and lent a certain gravitas ! (along with reading The Times although I really found it very boring). In the end decided it was a filthy habit. Genuinely liked the taste of some tobaccos such as Cope’s Escudo. Digger was bit rough however. St Bruno wasn’t bad or for a milder smoke Three Nuns , Edgeworth or some of the rather perfumed Dutch blends – Holland House ? ?

Ted Crouch and his band – Alexandra Hotel 1973


Julie Morris… Any posters of his Easter appearances on the Pier Alan?

Alan Esdaile… Had a quick look Julie but can’t find anything at the moment. If anything crops up I will let you know.

Alan Oliver… I thought The Alex would have closed down by 1973

Alan Esdaile… I know Spyke did a residency in 1972 Alan. Anyone confirm when The Alexandra Hotel closed as might be wrong on the date?


supplied by  Sarah Harvey

Jenny ‘Crouch’ Hayler… Ah my grandad x