What Albums will you give 10 out out of 10

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Pete Prescott… How many albums are 10/10 ? (In our opinions of course ! )
So many have one or two good songs and the rest won’t score. I remember an American guy from Aura records who wanted to sign Sergeant said “we hear a hit with “upside down” the rest of the album is run of the mill. Ok but nothing special…and your album cover is shit plus it will need a total re mix !” Ouch ! My ones (to be added to later in no particular order).
Innervisions (Stevie Wonder), Blue (Joni Mitchell), Highway (Free), Led Zeppelin 2,
The beautiful ballads (Nat King Cole), Night train (Oscar Peterson), Montrose (Montrose),
Muddy water blues (Paul Rodgers), Five leaves left (Nick Drake), Abbey road (The Beatles),
Dark side of the moon (Pink Floyd), Sound of music (sorry! Every song !), Songs for swinging lovers (Frank Sinatra), Songs in the key of life (Stevie Wonder), Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits (Aretha Franklin), Live At The Filmore (Allman Brothers Band), Aja (Steely Dan). 
I know the greatest hits isn’t an album. But chime on Aretha ! More to follow !

Janet Rennie.. Aladdin Sane, Rumours, Tapestry, High tides and green grass The stones, Every picture tells a story.

Liane Carroll… The nightfly Donald Fagen xx

Ernest Ballard… Made in Japan (purple), Hotel California.

Dave Valentine… Velvet Underground and Nico.

Peter Fairless… Heaven Up Here, Echo & The Bunnymen. Ocean Rain usually gets a better rating but I prefer Heaven Up Here

Peter Howard… Tim Buckley Greetings From LA, Arthur Lee & Love, Forever Changes, Lou Reed, Transformer, David Bowie , Hunky Dory.

Mick O’Dowd… Definately “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye

Alan McCleave… Moving pictures and rumours

Alan Esdaile… Definitely Rumours and Tapestry, also Deja Vu CSNY, Grace Jeff Buckley and Paul Jones Privilege soundtrack.

Alan Pepper… Automatic for the people R.E.M, Innervisions Stevie Wonder, New boots and panties Ian Dury, Abbey Road Beatles, What’s going on Marvin Gaye, The Queen is  dead The Smiths. Every track a winner !

Dave Nattress… wow what a question! Inspired by Pete Prescott’s list, many of which I have, Dark Side for sure, Fire and Water – Free, Blue – Joni Mitchell, Revolver and most of the earlier Beatles albums, You wear it well – Rod Stewart, Black Sabbath’s first, several by Joe Jackson, maybe Stepping Out, Nude by Camel, Can’t buy a thrill – Steely Dan, Argus – Wishbone Ash, A Walk across the rooftops and Hats by The Blue Nile, Scouting for girl’s – First. That’s it!! I have to stop it’ll go on all night. Oh and sorry!! Who’s Next has got to be in the line up. Right I’m going now – for now.

Pete Prescott… Additions now I’m looking ! In rock (deep purple) Burn (deep purple) In the red (Tina Dino- check this out its brilliant !) Thriller (Michael Jackson) Turnstiles (Billy Joel) Nick of time (bonnie Raitte) Back to black (Amy Winehouse) Abraxas (santana) Santana 3 (santana) Dream of the blue turtles (sting) The pretender (Jackson brown) Teaser and the firecat (cat Stevens) Brother to brother (Gino Vannnelli ) Argos (wishbone ash) House on the hill (audience -brilliant album) On and on (Stephen Bishop – I over played this one. What an album!) Birdsong (Eva cassidy) Live and dangerous (thin lizzy) Rickie Lee Jones (1st album) Revolver (Beatles) Nat king Cole sings (with the nat king cole trio) Unforgettable with love (Natalie cole – the tribute album to nat.amazing!) I can pay all these albums and listen to every track ! A few more to follow.  It has to be every track ! I’ll post 7/8 out of ten albums later.

Graham Belchamber… Born to Run

Martin Richter… when the Crypt (re)opened in 1984 we played 2 albums back-to-back at lunchtimes (those were the days!) – Eden by EBTG and Sade`s Diamond Life – class albums! (until “Working Nights” by Working Week came along

Dave Valentine… I’d also add Three Feet High And Rising by De La Soul. It’s the Revolver of hip hop. I should also probably mention Revolver, too.

Mike Curtis… Aja, Disraeli Gears, Odyssey and Oracle, Argus, Close To The Edge.

Alan McCleave… Gaucho! The royal scam, nightfly stayed with me for years and years.