Alvin Stardust – Hastings Pier 19th April 1974



autographed poster from the gig supplied by Peter Houghton

ad supplied by Sarah Harvey. photo 1: Alvin Stardust in AVRO’s TopPop (Dutch television show) in 1974 source AVRO, photo 2: Jennie with Alvin on the pier supplied by Jennie Tocock  

Sarah Harvey…..I didn’t see Alvin Stardust on the Pier because I wasn’t into pop but was dragged to see him by my daughter when he appeared during one of our stays at Butlins in Bognor…. I have to say that he was excellent and he rocked! Just shows how pre-conceptions can be misguided.

Alan Esdaile…..Remember this gig, as I did the disco. It was really packed and he was late coming on. For the first 5mins all you could see was a spotlight on his massive ring covering his leather glove.

Peter Fairless… Coo, coo….

Yvonne Cleland… He only did about three numbers, didn’t he?

Cindy Goodhand-Knight… I saw him at the Rat Trap in Maidstone when he was Shane Fenton and the Fentones !

Barry Arnold… I think I was at that one.

Jennie Tocock…. Alvin on the Pier, 1974, being interviewed by a certain young news reporter!!

The Glitter Band – White Rock Theatre – date?

supplied by Willie Wicking

Willie Wicking… From the White Rock Theatre, when they were on the same bill as The Rubettes and Alvin Stardust.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone confirm the date?

Daryl Perkins… There was a group of us who made a scrapbook for them…had our picture in the Observer. Think it was around 1975/76. Looking at picture again..different line up. Gerry Sheppard, John Springate, Tony Leonard, Harvey Ellison and Pete Phipps.

Willie Wickings… Loved them back then

Mick O’Dowd… Remember playing football in front of the stage in The Park where they were playing at the Hastings Carnival do with GG. Great guys.

Alvin Stardust Dies aged 72


Philip Meston… Alvin Stardust has died aged 72…

Jane Hartley… Just heard that too, sad news, RIP Alvin.

Philip Meston… Saw him in Godspell at the White Rock some years ago. He was very good too!

Andre Martin… What another… remember him way back Shane Fentone & The Fentomes – Cindy Birthday. Worked with in several times during the 1970s, great entertainer and nice guy. RIP

Alan Esdaile… Only worked with him the once . Great entertainer and sad loss. R.I.P. Alvin.

Perri Ann Haste… Such a great shame. He was lovely man, I met him when he opened the sensory swimming pool when my son was a pupil at Torfield School a few years ago & he was kind enough to pose for a picture with my son too. RIP Alvin – One of a kind.

John Wilde… Rock the Heavens Alvin. Thanks for all the music.

Sarah Harvey… This guy really rocked…I went to see him when I stayed at Butlins when my daughter was young and I must say I went with some trepidation. What a fantastic surprise it was to hear him play live…..totally blew me away! God bless Alvin! xx

Nick Prince… Let’s hope he has “A wonderful time up there”

Mick O’Dowd… He really is stardust now ! From Shane Fenton to Alvin Stardust a trooper!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… sad news

Wendy Weaver… He had one of those faces that didn’t seem to age. Nice chap and still working to the end. R.I.P

Charlie Ball… Ah that’s a shame, he was good in his day

Rontenn… What a shock!! Alvin Stardust gone. Unbelievable but sadly true. Legend Alvin (Shane Fenton) has left the building. He was to have done a great Xmas show in Gt. Yarmouth in early December with fellow legend P.J.Proby. Alvin was only 72. R.I.P. Sir!

Alan Pepper… Sad news great bloke met him at Bognor at Butlins 5 years ago . Great artist !!