The Clot That Almost Killed Me book by John Kingdon

John Kingdon… Dear all, I am pleased to inform you that my book, “The Clot That Almost Killed Me,” can be purchased from Amazon, from today. Please join me on my very difficult journey.  With my one eye, which I lost the sight of during a stroke last year, my one good finger on one hand, I managed to write this account of being a stroke survivor. I thank all who have given me their precious time to help me to achieve this. A simple story, spoken in a very straightforward way, but with an extremely big measage to survivors; dont give up, fight on whatever you succumb too, there is always another way.  25% of all of my royalyies are pledged to The Stroke Association. Bless you all, Thank you for your support, John

Colin Norton… Here’s wishing John every success with his new book!!

Andy Qunta… All the best to you John.