Anchor Inn George Street Hastings

Rick Baldwin… What a fabulous pub!!

Bookham Ally…

Tony Court-holmes… worked there when i was 18 for Don Stewart with my mum June and then in the 80s for Norman and Jan, I could tell you a few tales. Used to have three bars and gents only did number 1s a 2 was done in The Pump House

Dave Nattress… The Anchor was on the list – pub-crawl list I suppose, when the Bexhill lads had a Friday/Saturday night out in Hastings. Most weekends if not at a pier gig, (plenty of those too). Well what was there to compete in Bexhill! God knows how many pubs we could visit in the Old Town going back to about 1970 when my youthful drinking started – a little underage, but that was part of the deal. Drinking, fortunately which long ago now as good as finished! Pump House was always on, Anchor across the road, Jenny Lind, Cutter, Royal Standard, then of course the Nelson. I forget. And more up and down the High Street. I’d say the Anchor was a touch on the basic side, but we didn’t go for the decor. Taffy’s chip shop on the way home or another in Western Road, St Leonards to get a Beanoburger or whatever it was.

Tracy Birrell… Amazing photo.