Battle Of Hastings 1964 – 2002 Exhibition – Hastings Museum with Adam Faith by Andrew Clifton

Andrew Clifton….Not to be confused with that historic ‘quarell’ of 1066….The Battle of Hastings 1964, when Mods & Rockers clashed on the streets of Hastings and other seaside towns during the Bank Holidays of that eventful year, was commemorated in 2002 with an exhibition at Hastings museum in Cambridge Road, where they now have a retrospective collection dedicated to those events

Colin Norton….This is great! Thanks for posting.

and in 2007…


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andy Gunton… I remember this well. I was asked to provide the background music for the exhibition, not the music played on the video by the way. I didn’t realise it was this long ago! RIP Adam Faith, nice guy 🙂


Last Days Of Yesterday’s World Battle 2015 – photos by Andrew Clifton

all photos Andrew Clifton

just a few of the many photos Andrew Clifton took.

Alan Esdaile… Crazy when this closed down. I wonder what happened to all the exhibits. Thanks for the memory Andrew.

Andrew Clifton… Thank you very much for your comments Alan. I believe all the items were auctioned off not sure what happened after that. I remember having a lot of toys that were on show.

Yvonne Cleland… I think everything got sold. It wasn’t a proper accredited museum.

Mike Waghorne… the guy from salvage hunters brought alot of stuff it was on one of his series of programs !

Peter Brazier… I never did get to see in there! Thanks for posting!

Andrew Clifton… I had never been inside myself until the last days. There was a big area in the back. That I never got to see. Peter. Thank you for taking a interest in the pictures.

Graham Bradley… Started by Mrs Buckley and a great asset to Battle just brilliant.

Pauline Richards… We often went there they had great garden too.

Sheila Maile… Went there 3times, really took you back to those times. I grew up in 60s. was a happy time. Love to relive those days. Not a nice world these days

Angela Frances Gardner… I worked here briefly about 15 years ago. I was surplus to requirements. The owner decided that the manager had employed too many people.

Pete Prescott… Loved it there.

Hilary Zebedee… My parents had a grocers shop in Manor Road, Hastings for 40 years. We donated items to the museum when we sold my parents house (the shop being on the ground floor). I wonder too what happened to all the exhibits??

Jeremy Peter Harrison… I think the items went to auction. Rather unfair when so much was donated.

Hilary Zebedee… Jeremy, would have been nice to have had opportunity to get donations back.

Tracy Birrell… I loved this place and so did my children. Such a shame it’s gone. I always wanted to live there.


Wilko Johnson at The Black Horse Music Festival 22nd May 1998 by Andrew Clifton.

Martin Richter… fantastic! anyone know how to convert vhs to digital – *somewhere* i`ve got a copy of Divine in concert at Saturdays that needs preserving!

Yvonne Cleland… Damn I wish I’d seen this! However, I saw Doctor Feelgood in Eastbourne when Wilco was in top form.

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poster ad from Phil Little Hastings Music Files. Lead supplied by Neil Cartwright.

Alan Esdaile… Well done to Andrew & Steve Clifton, all those hours filming, no doubt loads of aches & pains from holding cameras but very much appreciated here.

Neil Cartwright… FANTASTIC!! ……. (and he’s using MY curly lead!!!!!).

Paul Dengate… Your curly lead Neil, and he’s using MY monitor mix!!!!

Andrew Clifton… Martin the video was coverted from a video 8 tape using Video forever it does vhs to digital.

Andy Gunton… I was there 🙂

Geoff Peckham… Excellent footage of Wilko Johnson. Great little festival. This was the year I played there with my Cajun band, the MudBugs. I remember it well!

Steve Sampson… Went on the Friday to see Wilko and Monday to see The Blackman Brothers.

Robert Wren… I had seen Dr Feelgood a number of times but that was the first time I had seen Wilko and I felt like I had a last truly seen Dr Feelgood.


Harvey Ellison sax player with The Glitter Band R.I.P. (1st Feb 2017)

Andrew Clifton… Harvey Ellison formally of The Glitter Band passed away on Wednesday 1st February.

Alan Esdaile… I thought we might get through a day without someone we know dying. Remember him, I doubt if the BBC will mention it. R.I.P. Harvey Ellison and thanks for that great Sax.

Andrew Clifton… John Rossall is doing a gig in Bognor Regis. As a tribute. Here’s a photo taken two years ago at Bognor Regis. John Rossall and Harvey Ellison in full swing.


photo by Andrew Clifton

Mick O’Dowd… Remember playing football in Alexandra Park Hastings with them when they appeared with a certain other person on Carnival Night.

Peter Fairless… Remember chatting with them when same certain person played the Pier Ballroom.

Peter Millington… Did a “support” Gig (SUSPECT) with GG and the Glitter Band in January 1973 – stage was covered in glitter and very slippery. Good act though.

Andre Martin… Part of a great entertainment, when they all played together RIP

Chris van Rock… Sad to hear … my childhood slipping away

Jan Warren… Its such a shame that “GG” has forever “darkened” the name of his faithful Glitter band, how could he do that?? – I saw GG and the Glitter Band live in Alexandra Park, Hastings in the early 70s, I wasn’t a fan, but my Hubby was, so I just went along with him, I remember GG being very arrogant, YUK!! – its sad that the Glitter Band had to live with the “shame” of their “leader” 🙁 – R.I.P Harvey Ellison 🙁 

Mick O’Dowd… If you have a GG autograph from Hastings Pier in January gig it was actually mine. I stood behind stage door & signed them because GG didn’t want to be bothered! Nice band and great guys. Tried to do the rock thing and smash their guitars into speaker cabinets. The “special” guitars were then gathered up and stuck togetheragain (sounds like a song) for the next show. That’s rock’n’roll!

Dave Johnson… So sad to hear about Harvey. He was a great guy and I have many happy memories of him appearing at Newcastle City Hall in 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977. His place within the original Glitter Band will always be secured in our thoughts of him – rasping sax that gave the music that additional lift. Just been looking at a superb photograph of Harvey from the Geordie Scene Programme, filmed in Newcastle 1975 – a real star! Rock On dear mate.

Martyn Faulds… Very sad to hear of the passing of Harvey aged 65, along with the loss of Gerry Shephard aged 51 back in May 2003. Seems that so many of the 70S Glam Rock stars are leaving us. Both Harvey & Gerry started out in The Boston International band in 1966, based in Hamburg, Germany and split in 1973 to form the Glittermen,then Glitter Band.RIP Harvey & Gerry.

Lee Johnson… Darn tooting the BBC didn’t mention it! Nor did many other outlets – only just found out myself a few days ago. When will folk learn that one “man” does not a paedophile gang make? RIP Brian H Ellison.

Pete Fisher…Glam rock was my younger sister’s thing, but I did think some of the music was cool, and the Glitter band had a unique sound…in the early 80s friends of mine in a Norwich band had the job of recording demos for the Glitter band, and let me in on the secret of the guitar sound – 6 “A” strings in unison through an overdriven amp…they backed GG at a wedding and I drove the van, and got to meet the man, who was very polite and friendly, and extremely professional, with a whole vocabulary of Elvis type gestures to conduct the band…little did we know…credit has to go to Mike Leander, who played all the instruments except brass on the early recordings…good read here…

Martin… I was at that John Rossall gig with Harvey in 2015 … in The Reds.  Took lots of video.  Maybe I should post some online.  Was my first time hearing the Glitter Band live.  Brilliant sounds that afternoon.

Daryl Perkins… I LOVED the Glitter Band…or G Band as they became….saw them so many times. On one of their appearances on the Pier a group of us made a scrapbook to present to them!! Embarrassingly it was in the Observer!! Still listen to their music. 😂😂