Dakka Dakka Dakka featuring Andy Gunton on drums – Dreamworld single 1986.


Andy Gunton…Today we bring you the freshly digitised version of ‘Dreamworld’, the A Side of the single released in mid 1986. The B Side ‘Leather Jeans’ will be coming in due course.


supplied by Andy Gunton… Tonbridge local press cutting from 1985.


supplied by Andy Gunton… Rehearsal photo from c1982. Taken in the oast house that we used to rehearse in. It was also used at that time by The Anti Nowhere League. Boy, did that place get cold in the winter!

Peter Russell…. Hey. Just stumbled across this. I was looking for some pics of my best friend who was your bassist for a short while and died in a bike crash. Mark Brown. He left a group Tuesday Town to join you.

Andy Gunton… We never has a bass player called Mark Brown. The bass player throughout the history of the band was called Keith Edwards. We did try out several singers before finally getting Phil Alamo. who is in this video & who sadly died a few years ago. I’m sure I remember the name Tuesday Town though 🙂

Peter Russell… Hmmm strange. I saw Mark playing with Dakka at the rock garden I think it was? Maybe dingwalls. Phil went to marks funeral on that old moto guzzi he used to ride. I’ll dig out some pics if you like. I used to do all the promo stuff and handouts for Tuesday town.

Andrew… Hi Peter, I was the guitarist in Dakka Mk 2 – I’ve got a few photos of Mark. I probably met you at the funeral with Phil.

Peter Russell… Wow, unexpected email… I remember Alamo turning up on his Moto Guzzi at the funeral and Let it be being played as if it were yesterday. Must be 30 years ago.

Andrew… I’d not googled Dakka for a few years, so hadn’t seen this site before, hence unexpected email! I was a bit surprised with the response from Andy as I thought it was common knowledge that Phil had put a ‘new’ Dakka together with Mark? Yes, I think it was 1987 – it was incredibly tragic as we’d played a gig the night before the accident and Mark was excited about picking up his new Kawasaki the following day…… I’ve got a few band photos in the loft somewhere – i can dig them out and scan/email them to you if you want?

Peter Russell… I was even more surprised as I went to a couple of their gigs!!! that’s how I met Mark. We done some off road biking then he went and bought a Kawasaki Turbo….tragic. He had a child with a girl called Jane. Sam was his sons name. Only a few months old.If you have some pics it’d be great to see them. I worked in the print for the MoD and used to do Marks hand outs for Tuesday town, then he went to Dakka and I’d just done some art work like round stickers and stuff. Never got to give them to him he was a great bloke. Lived in Tunbridge Wells for a while then moved to London. That Wal lefty bass he had must be worth a mint now…

Andrew… It’s mad to think his kid will be 34 now…. I’ll try and dig out my photos during the week and I’ll be in touch to let you know what I’ve got.

Andy Gunton… Peter/Andrew: I had no idea Phil Alamo had formed a Dakka Dakka Dakka mark 2, unless my memory is playing tricks on me. I’d certainly have been very interested in hearing/seeing them, especially if they were playing any of the old songs. I moved away from Tonbridge in late 1988 so that might help explain it. But I don’t even remember DDD Mark 2 being mentioned at Phil’s funeral, either during the service, or when talking to friends before/afterwards. I do vaguely remember Phil forming another band, I’d have been surprised if he hadn’t, but had no idea he was using the DDD name. Sorry to hear about your friend Mark. I remember Phil having a Moto Guzzi bike. I’d certainly be interested in seeing any photo’s of DDD mark 2, if only to see if they rings any bells, and if I recognise any of the other members

Graham… I’ve just come across this post in one of those random occurrences that the internet often throws up. I remember seeing you, Andy G., at a gig in Tonbridge circa 1976 when you, Keith Edwards and John McCue were playing in a band called Mandrake Root (I assume the forerunners of DDD). You’ll no doubt remember the vocalist was David Smith-Tilley, elder brother of one of my best mates at school, Graham (more popularly known as Gig). There’s another connection in that my cousin Glynn Williams later joined the band on tenor saxophone.

Libby Brown… Hi, I stumbled across this as it included the mention of Mark Brown. Mark is my uncle though I never met him (my dads brother). Currently I’m at my grandparents and we have found a DDD cassette hidden at the back which has lead to us looking further into this. I saw that Peter Russell has commented about being close with Mark and having some pictures of him but can’t find any leads to make further contact with him. Would love to make contact!

Alan Esdaile… Hi Libby, thank you for your post, I will pass this on to Peter and hopefully he gets back in contact or the other members of the group. Email address now shared with permission.

Andy Gunton… I’d be interested to know which tracks are on the DDD cassette that Libby Brown found & whether they’re from DDD Mk2. In answer to Graham: I remember the Mandrake Root days with great affection. We used to rehearse in the Smith-Tilley house sometimes & I knew Gig very well as well as Dave. After Dave left Mandrake Root we stopped playing for a while & then myself John & Keith decided to form our own band, which is where DDD came from. Good times

Mark Randall… I remember Mark Brown, good egg, we were planning to do something, but things fizzled out. I was briefly ( a fortnight) in what became DDD: rehearsing on the first floor of a rickety barn on Mabledon farm in Tonbridge.

Andrew… Hi Libby, I was the guitarist in DDD with Mark. I’ve got a couple of photos of the band which I can email to you if you’d like.

Libby Brown… Hi, thank you all for getting back so quickly! My email is libby.brownn@gmail.comI would love to share any photos or memorabilia with the family and especially Marks son Sam. In regards to the DDD cassette, my dad is digitalising it soon. I have photos of the tracks and the art work on the front which I can send via email.

Libby Brown… photos of the DDD cassette which Andy was interested in…

Andy Gunton… That cassette is of gigs the original line up of DDD played, which I played in & remember very well. We took a coach load of fans up with us to the Mean Fiddler. I have a copy myself, which I’ve digitised

Andrew… Hi Libby, I’ve emailed some photos as promised – they may end up in your spam folder so worth checking if you’ve not received them!

The Who plus support Time – Hastings Pier – 20th July 1969


the who pinball wizard

ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

Typical set list during this tour….
1 “Heaven and Hell” (John Entwistle) 2 “I Can’t Explain” 3 “Fortune Teller” (Naomi Neville) 4 “Tattoo” (not played at every show) 5 “Young Man Blues” (Mose Allison) 6 “It’s a Boy” 7 “1921” 8 “Amazing Journey” 9 “Sparks”
10 “Eyesight to the Blind” (Sonny Boy Williamson II) 11 “Christmas”
12 “The Acid Queen” 13 “Pinball Wizard” 14 “Do You Think It’s Alright?” 15 “Fiddle About” 16 “There’s a Doctor” 17 “Go to the Mirror!” 18 “Smash the Mirror” 19 “I’m Free” 20 “Tommy’s Holiday Camp” (Keith Moon) 21 “We’re Not Gonna Take It”/”See Me, Feel Me” 22 “Substitute” (occasional)  23 “Summertime Blues” (Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart) 24 “Shakin’ All Over” (Johnny Kidd) 25 “My Generation” (sometimes including themes of “Naked Eye”).

Andy Gunton… A bit more about The Who gig http://www.thestinger.org.uk/article/5363c47aca45284d1296d929#.V5ECBmWYfyI

Jenny Tyler… John Entwistle kissed my cheek. I Still love the Who.

Chris Sambrook…As the moon landings are coming up The Who played the Sunday Club on the very eve. I went as I was 14 at the time, The Who played most of Tommy check out Live At Leeds. There is an cd just been released called Old England New England which could be the same set The Who played in America. I’ve got the cd but haven’t played it yet. After the gig I walked back to St.Leonards in a daze. My dad had the tv on waiting for the moon landing.

Keith Matthews… I was there too. Brilliant gig. Getting a burger at a little place over the road afterwards and a black limo pulled up. John Entwistle climbed out of the back and ordered burgers for himself and Moony who was also in the car. We had a chat and a laugh with them for a few minutes, complimenting them on the gig. Unfortunately don’t have a record of it as it wasn’t cool for an 18 year old guy to ask for autographs! Wish I had had a camera on me.

Ultimate Alternative 2009 supplied by Andy Gunton

Supplied by Andy Gunton

Andy Gunton… Bloody hell, these take me back! Both issues were commemorating the sad loss of valued members of the local music community, who are still very much missed today. Dave Blackman & John Shotton 😢 The Ultimate Alternative is also still missed by many. Found them while searching for something else.

Mike Mitchell… Ah good old Dave Blackman. Mandy and I were just reminiscing about a trip with him to Rotterdam to see David Bowie on the Let’s Dance Tour back in ’83. A three day trip but only one night in a hotel, the rest on a coach listening to nothing but Bowie! Good times

Jo Avery… Andy, loved the Ultimate Guide. We used to plan our social life around this on a monthly basis!

Andy Gunton… Jo, I think many did exactly the same thing. It was indispensable at the time

Graham Belchamber… It was a great publication. Helped me choose to see do many bands and visit various drinking establishments when I first moved to Hastings

Mandrake featuring Andy Gunton – 1975


supplied by Andy Gunton Dakka Dakka Dakka Facebook site

Andy Gunton… One & only gig by Mandrake, a forerunner of Dakka Dakka Dakka, at a fete in Golden Green, Kent on Sat, 5th June 1975. L to R: Simon Flack, Andy Gunton, John McCue, Martin Fredericks & Gary Bunt.

Mick O’Dowd… You weren’t related to Mandrake Paddlesteamer were you?

Rockers & Roadies – Kino-Teatr · St Leonards. Friday 25th January 2019 at 7.30pm

Join ex-roadies Phil John and Crystal Taylor along with special guest Mick Bolton (ex-keyboard  player with Mott the Hoople and Dexy’s Midnight Runners) for an evening of tall tales and amusing anecdotes taken from their twenty or more years on the road in the 70s & 80s with numerous different bands including Mott the Hoople, Queen and David Bowie. Using period film clips and photographs they allow you an insiders view of what it was like to be front stage, back stage and behind the wheel at a time that many people consider to be ‘The Golden Age of Rock ’n’ Roll’. Hosted by Andy Gunton.

Tickets and more information… https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/date/593201

It’s official – Hastings & Rother are now a Music City.


photo source: Hastings Borough Council Facebook page.

It’s official – Hastings & Rother are now a Music City.
The announcement was made by Andy Gunton at the formal launch on Monday (27 February) at The Palace, Hastings as part of the UnConvention; a one day music conference featuring panellist conversations with BBC Introducing the South and workshops about the future of the music industry.

More info from festival flyer …


Alan Esdaile… Well done to Andy Gunton who’s been working on this for ages. He’s had many meetings and hours of work. Great result.

Dakka Dakka Dakka – featuring Andy Gunton.


supplied by Andy Gunton

Here’s Andy Gunton when he played drums and lived in Tonbridge.

John Alexander Wilde….Nice one Andy.

Terry Pack….The strange world of the band photo. Right lads, I’ve found a great location round the back of Sainsbury’s/In a disused warehouse/halfway up a cliff, etc. So, wear something that you feel represents the ‘spirit’ of the group, now a bit more hair gel/leather/denim/make up/ attitude, etc. Perfect! Oh, no. Could you insert a guitar/synth/cymbal, please? Now; smile! OK, then, glower. Alright, stare blankly, then. What do you mean, you’re getting cold?


supplied by Andy Gunton Dakka Dakka Dakka Facebook site

Andy Gunton… A press photo from the days when Dakka Dakka Dakka were still a trio. April 1983 (?)

Paul Couldridge… that takes me back.

Andy Gunton… It takes me back too.

Glynn Williams… Takes me back too… and then some: I played with Andy, John, Keith and Dave in their previous incarnation, “Mandrake Root” (well, more like puffed furiously into a tenor sax whilst wiggling my fingers about). What an absolute blast to find Andy’s video clips online; I guess I ought to go look for these guys and say hello.

Chris Baker… Isn’t that a very young Del Boy top-right? 😉

Sarah Harvey… Andy looks quite good looking there…. what happened Andy? 😉

Andy Gunton… Oi! 😉

Mark Randall… Andy – still cool, John – a nodded ‘I think I know you, but not sure why’ back in 2002, Keef – gawd knows but hope he still wears fluorescent socks

R.I.P. KC (Keith Challis) the landlord of The Jenny Lind.

personal tribute from Andy Gunton…

Eddy Odel… That’s a big shock for me. what happened please. i’m sure it was only a short time ago i was talking to him.

Andre Martin… This is a tragic piece of news – KC take it easy on your Motor Bike in the sky RIP

Funeral details… The family of KC and the staff at the Jenny Lind would like to thank everyone for posting such kind words about KC. KC’s funeral will be held on Thursday 10th November at St Clements church from around 1.30pm. Those wishing to pay their last respects please wear something pink. We’re still finalizing arrangements, so the start time may vary slightly. The wake/party will be at the Jenny Lind afterwards and will feature live music as KC would have appreciated this. A book of condolences is currently available in the Jenny Lind should you wish to share your memories of KC with his friends and family.

Carnival Fm Radio 87.9fm – 30th July to 7th August 2016

13731938_10208450272112380_1680735005019461209_o 13686653_921928394619285_7764422749139144282_n

Andre Martin… Chris Gentry Show, quite a mixed selection this year – Sunday early evening The Wine Show, Monday 8.00pm TimeMachine has a wizz round the musical world. Friday 8.00pm SMART, 9.00pm-12.00 The Weekend Starts Hear, and last Sunday 5.00pm – 2hours of anything goes !!

Tony Davis comments… Carnival FM is back on air for Hastings Old Town Carnival week. We start transmitting on 30 July 2016 until 7 August 2016. Tune in to listen to some great sounds with shows from Andy Knight, Dawn Wildman, Richard Stack, Andy Gunton, Sarah Harvey and myself, Tony Davis along with a host of others. I’ll be on air on Monday 1 August at 1pm until 4 pm and then every weekday afternoon at that time. Then on Carnival Day 6 August, Sarah Harvey and I will be presenting a retro show featuring music from bands and singers that have played in Hastings over the years. Same format as our Hastings Rock show except this time we’ll be featuring more mainstream music. Please listen in on 87.9 or stream the broadcasts via the internet. Look forward to hearing from some of you whilst I’m on air.


Andre Martin… The Team is waiting for the start of this years Carnival FM Broadcast – Starts Saturday July 30th 2016

Sarah Harvey… On Carnival Night…. share your memories. Do you remember when the carnival started from the Bathing Pool and ended up at Alexandra Park? Tony Davis might but I couldn’t possibly comment 🙂

Alan Esdaile… Looking forward to it Sarah. Early memories of the carnival were, remember seeing and waiting for the old woman on a real horse. How about playing America Horse With No Name. Now that’s messed up the playlist!

Iain Cobby… Good luck you guys! Sorry but I’m down here in Cornwall so won’t be able to be there or hear you, but thanks for the publicity for my bands song “Autumn Song” which is now included on this months free CD in PROG magazine. Without you Tony and Sarah ………… well. Album now being finalized, title “Hark, a Vagrant” watch this space.

Heidi Franklin… Gary Glitter in the park!

Sarah Harvey… Tina and her Boyfrends in the Park…… who remembers them?

Alan Esdaile… Don’t forget to tune in on Friday 5th August 2016 for The Chris Gentry Show. 8.00pm – 9.00pm chat about SMART and 9.00 -12.00 The Weekend Starts Hear.


Here’s what Chris was up to in 1975.

75 CG Stage One July

Un-Covention Hastings Music meet Up Group by Andy Gunton

Andy Gunton says….What’s this all about? Well, here’s something I’ve written for The Stinger magazine to, hopefully, explain:

“I wrote within the pages of The Stinger a couple of issues ago about the idea of setting up regular meet ups for those involved with the local music scene in the Hastings area. Well that idea is now coming to fruition, and we plan to start monthly meet ups from November.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time now, but our friends at Un-Convention have taken the idea several steps further, so we’ve decided to start the meet ups under their banner, as part of a wider scheme.

Here’s what Jeff Thompson from Un-Convention told us, “Un-Convention is a series of events, projects, and initiatives with the goal of developing grassroots and independent music scenes locally, nationally, and around the world.
Founded in Manchester in 2008, to date there have been 78 Un-Convention events, in places ranging from Belfast and Swansea to Brisbane and Sao Paulo. Our work has included conferences, showcases, collaborations, artist exchanges, education programmes, alternative touring networks (Off Axis), recording projects and the development of music co-operatives.

Throughout this time we have worked under the banner of ‘Do It Together’, and the understanding that incredible things are possible when people work together on something they are passionate about.

With this in mind we are now launching our latest initiative, a network of Meet Up Groups aimed at developing local music scenes, stimulating ideas and innovation and building a connected, vibrant community for those working in the independent and grass roots music sector.

The concept is to develop a network of monthly Meet Up Groups across the UK, and further afield, that act as a focal point for discussion, debate, problem solving and networking for independent and grassroots music communities.

Meet Up Groups will be set up locally, based on a very simple structure, with a view to bringing together those active in their local music scene on a regular basis. They will discuss common themes, and work toward creating a stronger, more vibrant scene both locally and nationally.”

The first ‘Un-Convention Hastings Music Meet Up Group’ will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 11th November 2015, in the Function Room upstairs at the Jenny Lind in Hastings.

Other Un-Convention Meet Up Groups are planned for such places as Cornwall, Hull, Edinburgh, Wrexham, Stoke, Blackburn, Holland, Ireland, Australia and Guatemala! And this is just the start. These groups should also have their inaugural meet up in November.

We hope the Un-Convention Hastings Music Meet Up Group sounds of interest to you? If so, please get involved, tell your friends and invite like minded people to join this group.
We look forward to seeing you on 11th November.”

For further info contact Andy Gunton  andygunton@hotmail.com