Head On and Hat Trick – Hastings Pier 16th February 1979








flyer supplied by Mick Mepham, poster supplied by Roger Carey, ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, photos by Chris Meachen, Hat Trick playlist Roger Carey.

Head On featured – Tony Qunta, Mark Thirsk, Steve Kinch and Andy Qunta and Hat Trick featured Barry French, Dave Shirley, Roger Carey and Dennis Wootton.

Andy Qunta….those pics do look like they could be from that gig! Can’t believe my moustache! That was a great night, as I recall! I especially like the travel arrangements at the bottom of The Hat Trick playlist.

Geoff Peckham… Thought that was the encore!

Steve Kinch….I can’t believe my hair!

Pete Prescott….you could pick up radio 4 on those haircuts.you didnt look like that when i was in the band.do you remember falling off the front of the stage at a gig andy ? when you told me the story i nealy wet myself ! over to you. . .

Sarah Harvey… One of those moments when I suddenly remembered playing in a gig! This time with Hat Trick supporting Head On! Doh! This is the set list for ‘Hat Trick’ when supporting ‘Head On’ at the Pier…. ‘The Rooter’ was a progressive rock song about derelict railway steam engines (Roger described it is an epic) …. would have appealed to Mr. Cooksie. Opening number ‘Maybe Now’.

Conan Howard… here’s to all you boys that never left Hastings in your lives.

Factory – Chelsea College Eastbourne 16th June 1973 and Andy’s diary

Supplied by Andy Qunta

Ernest Ballard… I’ve got stuff in my garage from years ago. Some chewed by mice 😀. Lovely to see this memorabilia.

Andy Qunta… thanks! I don’t remember seeing this before, but it was a while ago!

Phil Gill… Could’ve bought two notebooks for the price of that gig.



Head On plus Missing Persons – Queens Hotel 1st December 1979

supplied by Mick Mepham and Pete Prescott

featuring Pete Prescott, Andy Qunta, Tony Qunta, Steve Kinch and Mark Thirsk.

Pete Prescott… I remember this gig. I was very nervous. They were amazing players. Nice guys as well.

Andy Qunta… I vaguely remember it too! Pete did a great job! Unfortunately I think it was the last gig we did. Couldn’t fight punk rock with prog rock! Fun while it lasted though!

Tony Qunta… I remember it too. A line up with great potential!

Ernest Ballard… Great band saw them a few times before I started playing drums (wink wink ). Long time ago now

Pete Prescott… We played a gig at a boutique in London. After the gig I got really drunk on punch (dangerous stuff). We got back to Hastings in time for me to go to work. The green cross code man was there. Huge guy. That was (I think) the last gig. Mark was an amazing drummer. Brilliant players. I felt out of my depth. I remember loving Tony’ s voice on “only you”. I’ve still got a tape of songs like “the burning of Atlanta” it was great being in the band with guys like that. And they were so funny.

Steve Kinch… Yes Pete, absolutely agree, Mark was a fabulous drummer with a great sense of humour.

Tony Qunta… Great memory Pete! Yes the green cross code man – was he in Star Wars or something? Thank you for your lovely comments about the band. Your vocals were fantastic with the band – it’s a shame the band didn’t keep going!  ‘Dinosaur Promotions’!

Steve Kinch… David Prowse – He was only Darth Vader!!!!  Great times! Hastings in the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s was the pefect environment for young musicians learning their craft. With hindsight, the late 70’s wasn’t exactly a good time to be attempting to get a “prog” band off the ground

Andy Qunta… True, Steve, but it was fun trying! Listening to the old tapes makes me feel it was well worth it! Pretty darn good stuff!

Andy Qunta & Pete Shaw – I thought it was a frisbee photo!

supplied by Pete Prescott

Andy Qunta… Fabulous! Don’t remember what Pete Shaw & I were doing, but I’m sure it was fun as always!

Pete Shaw…think this was in Andy Q’s home and, it is clear, that I was showing Andy the finer points of a “three point turn” when manoeuvring in his drive…… PS my jeans HAD shrunk in the wash. So there.

Pete Prescott… this was at Andy’s in 81. We were recording some of my songs. First ones I had tried to record. Andy Cunningham (Caine) and Terry Pack were on them. Not sure of the songs (getting better and three way affair and no love in your eyes ) songs were not up to much but it was a start, good fun. It was always fun at Andys! I think of it every time i run by it on the half marathon.

Terry Pack… Old Top Studios! If only Andy had had a Revox: the songs sounded a bit odd with he and Pete hand spooling them across the play head like that!

Alan Esdaile… Terry Pack & Andy Cunningham. photo: Pete Prescott

Terry Pack… yep, that’s me. I think that was Andy’s peroxide that went green when he went swimming! Me on MusicMan Stingray. Not the worst bass I’ve ever owned, but not a Fender, either. Andy got that Yamaha from Ray.

Pete Shaw… And, sadly, I still have that kit!

Pete Prescott… Andys guitar playing on those tracks are wonderful. I sound like I had a peg on my nose, strangled vocals, early days.

Pete Shaw… Hey guys, that’s a great band name…”Early Days”, or in my case, Early Daze! Hate getting up….

Andy Qunta… Thanks to you guys for the reminders! I do remember the occasion, now that I recognize it was at my place, “Old Top Studios”! Always a pleasure to have you over, (as it would be now!). I see the Revox on top of my old Leslie cab, and the foam up on the shelf. That’s what I would put in the windows to dampen the sound for the neighbours! Didn’t work though, the police posted a “noise pollution” sign on my door! A proud moment for me!

Pete Prescott… ha ha ! i didnt know that ! I remember going to a house where there was a nice piano to record “no love in your eyes. We did it live, just you and me. There were birds singing by the open patio doors, you can hear them.

Vaughan… Blast from the past – I knew Andy and his brother from HCFE and managed to get their band a session at Roger Daltrey’s studio out in West Burwash . I’d like to think it was that that made them but of course it was all natural talent and ability.

Andy Qunta… Thanks, Vaughn! That’s still one of the highlights of Factory’s career, and we have not forgotten that it was you who arranged it all! Hope you’re doing well! Stay in touch! Cheers!

Tony Qunta… Best Wishes to Vaughan! Thank you for arranging the Roger Daltrey session!

Factory – Mallet Hall Bexhill (early rehearsals) 1970



supplied by Lol Cooksey

‘Jaffa’ (Geoff Peckham) Bass, Lol Cooksey Drums, Andy Qunta Lead Vocals 12 String Guitar, Tony Qunta Lead Guitar.

Yvonne Cleland… Lovely x Bexhill’s produced its fair share of musicians!

Phil Gill… Nice to see a pic of Tony Qunta playing the WEM Sapphire. You sold that guitar to me about a year later Tone, remember?

Geoff Peckham… Can anyone identity the bass I’m playing? I don’t remember it.

Phil Gill… Is it a Vox of some sort Geoff? I’m more concerned that you’re apparently possessed by demons in the first pic.

Geoff Peckham… That’s right – I think it is a Vox. Yes that’s a strange picture isn’t it. I sent it to Andy as a Halloween card! I blame it on Lol. He still has the power…..

Andy Qunta… Yes, Lol has always had the power!  I don’t remember that bass at all, Jaffa! I thought you always had a Fender Mustang! Don’t remember Tone’s WEM Sapphire either! I remember what I had for breakfast today though, so no need to worry yet!

Geoff Peckham… Yes, Andy. And I still have the Fender Mustang – always a pleasure to play but the pick-ups are shot so hardly any volume. Does anyone out there know of any way I can replace or repair them without spoiling the guitar? I think I had an Antoria bass at some stage, before buying the Mustang

Tony Qunta…. Phil, thanks for reminding me re selling the WEM guitar to you – I had completely forgotten about that! I’m pretty sure that was Andy’s originally. (photo no 4) My Miles Davis pose! 🙂

Phil Gill… It was a great guitar. I liked it a lot, but eventually traded it for this:


Steve Kinch… great to see these old shots

Mick Mepham… You can get the pickups rewound I believe, as long as they aren’t hermetically sealed …..Also, the bass looks a bit like a Danelectro (maybe)

Phil Gill… Try my pal James Collins at http://www.jamescollinsguitars.com/ I think he’s in Mayfield. Or if you fancy a pick up expert and are prepared to post to USA, I highly recommend Curtis Novak. He made me a great set of Strat pickups: http://curtisnovak.com/pickups_bass.shtml

Mick Mepham… Jaffa, are you actually the devil in disguise? Those eyes …..


SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell reviewing Hazel O’Connor – Son’s & Lovers (Expanded Edition) cd


Had this on vinyl back in the day and reviewed it the first time round! So here we are 37, can it really be so, years later! and this newly remastered expanded release. The original 12 tracks are augmented by 5 bonus tracks and the album now clocks in at a shade under the hour. Sons & Lovers followed up the huge success Hazel had been enjoying with the Broken Glass soundtrack and glorious hits ‘Eighth Day’ and ‘Will You’.

However S&L was in fact written before BG and showcases Hazel’s talent for her observational ability to turn experiences into great songs. ‘Decadent Days’ which kicks off the album and became a top ten hit was the result of Hazel’s experience of attending a fledgling New Romantic Club in London and clocking the poseurs and ‘people looking very bizarre’ as she put it. As it says in the sleeve notes and indeed as she herself has been keen to point out over the years S&L is very much a bridge between Punk and New Wave.

I’d agree with that wholeheartedly, along with Toyah and Siouxsie that’s exactly where i’d put Hazel at the forefront. There is so much to recommend this album, ive always loved the biting track ‘Zoo’ the short and snappy ‘Gigolo’ where mention must be made of the sax playing of Wes Magoogan’ he is so rhythmic in his playing and again on the glorious ‘Do What You Do’, also in the lineup was Andy Qunta of course with his deft keyboard strokes. As aforementioned the original 12 tracks are all present and correct and have been bolstered by 5 bonus tracks ‘Ain’t It Funny’ ‘Time is Free (original version)’ 2 mixes of D-Days and a spirited rendition of Bowie’s ‘Suffragette City’ recorded live at the Dominion Theatre in December 1980 featuring a young Simon Le Bon. It might be 37 years and unmistakeably 80’s but S&L still stands up well unlike so much else from that era, but then Hazel is a unique performer. This SFE deluxe digi-pack sounds great and the accompanying booklet is informative with some great photo’s.

In conclusion as Andy Q and Wes are of course well known to SMART members, what are your recollections guys?

for more information go to https://www.cherryred.co.uk

Til next time……………….Colin

Alan Esdaile… I see your in the video but were you not on the album Steve Kinch?

Tony Ham… Got this on vinyl.


Static Emotion – 1969


supplied by Chris Sambrook

Featuring Chris Sambrook, Tony Qunta, Andy Qunta & Dave Austin.

Andy Qunta….Wow! Never expected to see this fab card again! Thanks, Chris Sambrook!  Well, I know we played the Gun song, “Head in the Clouds”, because I remember Lol Cooksey saying that was one of the main reasons he wanted to have a band with Tone & myself – just so he could play that song! Hopefully that wasn’t the only reason! Probably not, because Factory lasted over 6 years! Chris Sambrook seems to have a very good memory, Maybe he remembers more songs than I could! Hope so!

Chris Sambrook….Hi Andy. Head in the Clouds was and still is a great track. Besides Head in the  Clouds I believe our set list at that time included Nights in White Satin,Crossroads, Communication Breakdown. I’m sure we also played a song from Tons of Sobs, can’t remember which track now, its all a bit hazy. Static Emotion was the first band I played in and probably a bit out of my depth [no change there then] but it was  great experience.

Andy Qunta….. Thanks for adding to the Static Emotion setlist! I do remember playing those songs now! I think the song from Free’s Tons Of Sobs could be either Walk In My Shadow or The Hunter perhaps! Great fun playing all that stuff with you Chris!

Here’s The Gun track they were talking about…..

Martyn Baker… Love the 4 digit phone number. Everyone in Hastings must have known almost everyone who owned a phone in those days!

Andy Qunta… There must surely be photos of the band somewhere, but I don’t know where!

Factory reunion update by Andy Qunta

1620954_813566435383669_4317778893981617396_n 11072283_10206536528912161_327766957305777968_n-2

photo – Factory rehearsing in France March 2015 – supplied by Factory


© Factory.  Factory Rock France. Reunion gig photos.

Andy Qunta… I’ve been in quite a few bands in my time, mostly really good, and some quite successful, but none have been as close to my heart as Factory, the band I was in back in the ’70’s. We played all over the UK & Europe, sharing the stage with many top bands of the day. Roger Daltrey of The Who invited us to his studio several times, & came and saw us play live, so we must have been pretty good! We’re now working on a reunion gig, and maybe more, this summer. It’s slightly complicated as I live in California and the other three band members (one of whom is my brother, Tony) are in England, but I’m going over to rehearse with them for a couple of weeks next month! Exciting!

Phil Thornton… cant wait to hear FACTORY !!!!

Colin Norton… You will have a lot of fun!

Terry Pack… It’s been a while, Andy. Having heard you as a group back in 1974, and having worked with you, Tony and Geoff at various times over the past 36 years, I can’t wait to hear the four of you back together again.

Steve Cooke… Missed you first time around, I was working away in various musical guises. I’ll not miss you this time though!

John Wilde… We want Factory to christen the refurbished Hastings pier! Rock on guys. This is great news. Best wishes.

Mick O’Dowd… Totally with you on that one John.

Martyn Baker… Stay in touch. We’ll make a film of it. www.yougig.co

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Andy Qunta in Hastings Sunday 22nd March 2015 to meet old friends.


© teresaaqunta

Andy Qunta in Hastings on Sunday at the Jenny Lind and would love to meet up with old friends. Tony Qunta says…. just to let you know I am coming to Hastings with Andy this Sunday(22nd March)! We are going to the Jenny Lind around 2.30. anyone who would like to see Andy before he goes back to the US can meet us. Cheers, Tony.

Mick Mepham… See you there Andy. 🙂

Phil Gill… I’ve actually met him before, a couple of times. Seems like a nice bloke, so he’ll probably remember me.

Yvonne Cleland…I’ll be so sorry to miss you, Andy, but I’m unable to get to the Jenny on Sunday. Hope you all have a great time xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phil Thornton… I  would love to be there and say Hi but sadly I’m not able to be out and about yet ! – should be OK when you come back over to gig !!!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Hope the Jenny Lind has been pre-warned & ordered an extra barrel! Have a great catch-up

Alan Esdaile… Just come back from an enjoyable afternoon at the Jenny Lind and great to see Andy Qunta after all these years. Catching up with old friends and new ones and with Titus playing what more could you ask for.

Andy Qunta… Had a great time! What great people! Thanks for coming down!

Mick Mepham… What a table of talent!  Great to see you all and roll on the reunion!!!! Cheers all.