York & Crypt Bars, Orion Cinema and WHSmith Hastings photo by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Pauline Richards… Was it the rubber shop just out of sight?

Alan Esdaile… don’t know if it was the rubber shop but if you mean coming down the road next to WH Smith, at this time it was ‘Jax’.

Pauline Richards… Oh. I thought it was either rubber coat shop or criterion cafe. Was Jax a boutique

Alan Esdaile… woman’s clothes shop I think?

Oliver Leonard… is that in the 80s?

Matt Thomas… I would say about 77/78 with Star Wars showing at the cinema

Wendy Weaver… Look at that car! I had one of those

Jan Warren… Which one Wendy? the Citroen DS? – beautiful cars!!

Angela Frances Gardner… ‘The Flea Pit!’

Tracy Birrell… I remember this well in the ’70’s.

Dennis Torrance… My mum worked there Orion cinema in late sixties pass she had greatly used by me and my mates . Got beer by pub next door smuggling it in there and leaving bottles in there . Next morning my mum got home Bad temper about louts drinking in there and beer bottles. I had to turn my head away as first I started laughing got told off but she never knew it was me and my mates . Feel terrible about it now but thanks for the photo which triggered the memory

Nick Prince…

Star Wars showed at the Classic in Queens Road for six weeks in 1977 and didn’t screen at the Orion until 1978, when the Orion ran it on three different occasions, the last of which was an eight day run, which finished on August 31st, 1978, the day it closed. It should be noted that the Orion was still profitable but due to the barring system at the time, the Orion could only get one release in five first run in Hastings, with the Classic getting the other four. The 1/5 bar of new releases to the Orion was infact put in place when the Curzon in St Leonard’s shut in 1977. The Curzon itself having the 1/5 bat before. Prior to January 1977 and for as far back as I know, the Orion had no new releases and in a previous proprietor’s words…. “This is why we show sex!” No one asked for a lecture on the film barring system in Hastings in the late 70’s but you got one I could go back to the 60s and earlier. Lol

Pop package tour programme 1963 from The Essoldo Cinema in Brighton.

Supplied by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

inside cover

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Oh my goodness….reminds me of the Gaumont in Worcester. All the incredible music. I remember The Kinks appearing there….. amazing.

Broomgrove Power Station

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Broomgrove power station on the left with W.M. Still factory above  and Farley Bank allotments at the front of the photo.

Jim Breeds… The power station before last. 🙂 I remember the houses being built on the allotment s. Cardboard formers were used. My Dad said they’d all fall down within a few years.

Matt Thomas… Trying to work out where I live from this pic

Carol Arnold… Ian and Joan Catheral lodged with us….Ian was the engineer to power station…

Carol Acott… What year would this be?

Carol Arnold… 60s

Chris Meachen… My mum & dad’s allotment would have been pretty much in front of the camera.

Chris Pook… Great photo Alan.

Mick Knights… I seem to remember there were some pig pens next to the path that went down to the railway line!

Carol Arnold… Mick, yep remember visiting the pigs

Alan Wood… Be nice to see a photo taken from same place now

Tony Davis… My dad used to work at that power station

Who remembers Dolls Hospital Hastings?

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Sheila Maile… Where Town Trip is now

Sandra Francis… Well I didn’t live here then, but we had one in Tunbridge Wells too! Today’s culture is all throw it away and buy new, but then it was make do and mend, and businesses like this thrived

Jackie Hersee… I remember when it was in George Street

Perri Ann Haste… Jackie, Me too! I used to love looking in there.

Pauline Richards… didn’t it move to George Street. From here.

Merv Kennard… Just up the road from my house in North Terrace.

Jenny Power… Used to go up there to get spare action man hands and new gear plus different sindy parts as well..a great shop!

Diane Cook… Oh god loved this shop memes my big doll

Claire O’Hatch… Didn’t I take one of my toys there? I’m sure I remember another entrance at the side of the building

Sally Harvey… I know we bought toys from there

Evelyn Ann Astell… Always went in there with my nan, then it became a betting shop if I remember rightly, as we lived in North terrace .

Julie Findlay-jones… I remember when it was in George Street, my dad took my favourite doll to be mended, when he picked it up the dolls hair had been changed from black to blond theyed put the wrong head on I was devastated .

Heather Sidery… We had one in Sheffield!

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Heather, We had one in Worcester too….Broad Street.

Mick O’Dowd… Wasn’t there one in Ore Village where the chippie is now?

John Wilde… They fixed a teddies eye 1973

Angela Frances Gardner… I remember it moving to George Street.

Steve Hamilton… Opposite Weavers between Old London Road and Priory Road right? In 1990 that was were I met the girl I was seeing, as a handy midpoint between both our houses, when the AA started to refuse to come out and deal with my Datsun’s many issues (you get a letter after 8 callouts since you asked)…

Dave Nattress… Yes, very well as my late Dad worked on the conversion of the building from whatever it was to become the Dolls Hospital. A very long time ago! Dads been gone 40 year.

Tracy Birrell… I remember it well.

Lynda Caine… O yes I remember it well, another part of my childhood. I would walk through the woods from Broomgrove estate and pass it with my friends on our way down to the old town, happy days

Mick Turner… Was that not be a off Licence before?

Merv Kennard… Yes it was, but can’t put a date on it. Pos early 70s.

Carole Hamer… Me

Sally Knight… Happy memories


Priory Road fire station Hastings – by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Paul Phillips… Moved to The Ridge and Seaside Rd moved to Bohemia Rd

Chris Pook… I remember the siren going off when I was at Priory Rd school.

Lloyd Johnson… Right next to the Priory Road school grounds

Carol Acott… I remember the sirens going off when lived in St Georges Road in the 50s….mum always said that’s the gorse on fire again on the East Hill. Usually was too.

Chris Meachen… There was a telephone on the outside wall covered by a glass door. As a kid my curiosity got the better of me and I opened it….. Alarms sounded, firemen came whizzing down the pole & they opened the doors asking ‘where’s the fire?’ – it frightened the life out of me…

Alan Esdaile… Oh that was you Chris. I got a vague memory of this, as used to live over the road.

Lucy Pappas… I’d forgotten the fire station! xx

Nick Rowland… I remember the fire station.

Angela Gardner… Castledown schools car park is now where this was situated.

Samantha Blake… We used to play up there when it was abandoned.

Raelia French… I used to walk past there a lot when I was a little girl and I always wanted to slide down their pole.

Jenny Bolt… Father- in – law Tom, was stationed there and hubby, Rick, has many stories of what he and his mates use to get up to there.

Mike King… I remember it well. I used to pass it at least twice a day when attending Priory Road School next door. A school mate and myself often discussed creeping in there and taking a sneeky peek around but we got around to it.

Sharon Holland… My dad was a fireman there in the 60’s

Hurst Court The Ridge Hastings – closed photos by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photos © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Tracy Birrell… Such a shame that it was knocked down……

Jo Turner… Worked there for a while in my teens.

Jilly Jones… Stayed there, for a night , it was an amazing inside.xx

Ian Johnson… Rewired it when I was an apprentice

Claire Triance… Before Hastings lost its character all big old houses gone or burnt down

Ju-ju Davies… My mum used to work here.

Gaz Linch… Did a couple of music courses here over Easter . Must be close to 50 years ago . Even swam in the very cold pool

Lance Collins… Did discos there

Pauline Sims… I remember those days!

Adam Faith – Battle Of Hastings Mods & Rockers Exhibition – Hastings Museum 2002

all supplied by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland… I remember asking Adam Faith to sign the cd, which I purchased from Old Town Music in George Street. He said he had never seen the cd before but still was happy to sign it.

Monica Bane…Thanks Alan, For sharing the memories Monica!

Monica is in the white jacket in the photo.

Matt Thomas… My mum would have been so jealous of Jenny

Margaret Trowell… I’ve just recently read Adam’s autobiography …loved it, fascinating stuff

Patricia Burgess… Was so in love with Adam and bought all his records to Canada with me, met him in Montreal in 64. So sad to learn of his death

Phil Scott… I was there as Mayor at the time and I said to Adam, Did you ever believe that when you were making records you would eventually become part of a Museum Exhibition, He turned and smiled at me and said “Never” He said he should used that in his speech that he made ahead of opening the event.

Andy Gunton… I remember it well. I compiled the music that was used during the exhibition & on the day

Phil Scott… Andy, I thought the exhibition was excellent, Bit of a Coup as well getting Adam to ‘Open’ The Exhibition, Quite a draw he was.

Andy Gunton… Phil, It was very good. Adam was certainly a big hit with the ladies & seemed like a nice guy.

Phil Scott… Yes he was on both counts. I don’t remember seeing many pics of the event, I had one taken with Adam and another guy who was showing a motorbike off. I’ll dig it out and post it. A guy who worked for the Council took a few and sent me a couple of the outside if the Museum with Bikers etc milling around.

Jean Brett… I remember at the museum I took a lot of photos of him my first pin up singer

Mark Randall… I nearly ran our Adam over when he was crossing the road from Hoopers to RTW station

Stewart Rockett… I recall taking my grandson to the museum on a whim when the exhibition was on. He was fascinated by a red Vespa scooter in a display case, as he couldn’t work why someone would want to park a vehicle in a glass garage.

Mick O’Dowd… I remember going as I was a 60’s Mod. Afraid i’m classed as a skinhead now!

Kate Recknell-Page… Used to love his music – happy days x

Sally Evans… very happy days


Gifford Boyd camera centre, Robertson Street, Hastings. photo by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Oliver Leonard… That red Peugeot 309 has long been scrapped

Angela Gardner… I bought my camera in the many years ago.

Jeremy Harrison… Very reasonable prices at the time. They sold Russian and East German cameras before the wall came down.

John Mcewen… I got my zenith E in there in the mid 70s. Still got it!

Jeremy Harrison… John, they introduced so many people to serious photography. Doing mail order and advertising in the big magazines I thought GB would last forever.

Chris Meachen… I  used to be in there on an almost daily basis, so much so that they would allow me to borrow gear to try out. I still have the cameras & lenses I bought there in the 70’s..

Jim Breeds… Chris, I still have a camera that I was bought from there when I was 8 (1962).

Stephen Moran… me too Jim, I bought a Zenit E and later traded it in for a Pentax ME Super!

Peter Fairless… Stephen, I did exactly the same!

Stephen Moran… Brilliant Peter! I still use my 35mm camera!

Ken Apps cycle repairs and Clive Vale Hotel Ore Hastings photo by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Phil Gill… Pop into the pub for a quick one whilst he mends you puncture.

Nick Prince… I remember it well

Jim Breeds… Looking decidedly grotty now! 🙁 (Image from Streetview). Clive Vale Hotel also seen on the right in Nan’s photo.

Alan Esdaile… Remember it. Went in the Hare & Hounds further up the road and nearly got run over a few times, as the door went straight out into the road.

Stuart Moir… One less pint may have made a difference Alan

Harry Randall… Remember Ken Apps when he had his shop on the corner of Menzies rd as a boy often went for spares and learnt a lot sad when he moved to Ore

Pauline Richards… And Pat Halliwell had a cafe along there

Merv Kennard… Did a few gigs in the Clive Vale Hotel.

Alan Esdaile… I remember coming to a couple Merv

Lloyd Johnson… I remember building a track bike out of found bike bits from a bombsite/ disused ground with stuff dumped on it. Ken Apps made me a pair of steer horn shaped handle bars out of gas pipe and I painted the whole bike different coloured patterns with humbrol paints.We use to ride them through a track in Coghurst Woods in the 1950s…

Mike Mitchell… Lloyd, I used to ride that track through Coghurst Woods late sixties. A great ride down the hill with minimal brakes – as long as we didn’t meet anyone coming up the track!

Andy Clarke… If I remember right Wayne Spears worked there and took it over after Ken.

Roger Simmonds… I remember it too !

David Edwards… Although the sign said Ken Apps every one ran the name into one and called it Kenapps’s shop

Chris Meachen… I  remember being fascinated watching him build wire bike wheels from the basic parts.. A proper craftsman.

Edward Adams… remember it well ken apps used to live in the same block of flats as me in chiltern drive

Mark Harris… Opposite my Nan and Grandad’s VG store, C & M Harris!

Tony Court-holmes… when Ore had pubs

Roger Simmonds… All the good old shops and craftmanship mostly gone now!

Mick O’Dowd… Spent many visits to Ken Apps shop as he was so knowledgeable about bike probs!

Robert Wren… Spent many hours peering through the window and dreaming of all bits I would love to buy. He was always very helpful and didn’t always charge but I did buy various bits over the years. I also remember his Hillman Super Minx he would drive to work and park across the road on the rough track. I think the colour of the car was a sort of copper or gold.

Roger Carey… Great shop- many interesting businesses in Ore over the years..Ken Apps was the place to go to keep your bicycle on the road! Seem to recall he discouraged unnecessary modifications….

Paul Huggins… Fond memories from back in the day…when Electric Ray had the Clive Vale

Alan Esdaile… Can remember cycling down Malvern Way with my brother, on our bikes, when the new roads were being built!

Pauline Richards… And Charltons sweet shop

Andy Clarke… Loved the pet shop across the road too.