King Rod and Co – Aquarius Club 1970’s

photo: Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

Pete Millington… King Rod and Co playing at The Aquarius in early 1970s (Rod Trowell on Bass and Greg Pierce on Rhythm and Paul Freeman on Drums. Kingsley Trowell on Lead Guitar (out of shot)

Andy Qunta… Great band! Saw them quite a few times, and Factory probably shared the bill with them too!

Harry Randall… How is Greg not seen. Him for a while?

Andy Knight… Paul Freeman on drums?

John Mcewen… Kingsley worked with my dad at W M Stills. He was our door to door insurance agent as well. Busy man!

Dave Weeks… John, my ex brother in law.

Stuart Moir… Greg’s a recluse ha ha not really he doesn’t like fb so if you’ve got his number give him a call.

Barry French… Saw King Rod play many times, great musicians who always put on a really good show. At one Aquarius gig (I think it may have been for the W.M. Stills annual party) King came out for the second set wearing the most outrageous skin hugging tights I’ve ever seen. Talking of Stills I worked there with both King & Greg, I would sometimes pester them with “How do you do this & how can I do that questions about guitars, amplifiers & bands, Both were happy to pass on any advice & never once told me to **** off. Also worked with John McEwan Senior at Stills. A real “Diamond geezer” After doing a gig for the Stills social club we loaded up the Ford Thames van & to our dismay (But to no surprise) it wouldn’t start. John ferried a large chunk of the gear back & forth in his car. Top Man.



The Nashville Teens – Aquarius 14th July 1973

Alan Oliver… I think I saw them at the White Rock about 1988

Ronald Burgoyne… They were the first group I saw they opened first night at the Witchdoctor

Mick Knight… Me to!

Mike Wright… Saw them back Carl Perkins and Chuck Berry at Hammersmith Odeon in about 1964….what a show

Paul Huggett… Portsmouth Guildhall, about 1965 with my late mate Pete Thurlow who lived down there.

Jimmy James & The Vagabonds – Aquarius 29th June 1974


jimmy james

Phillip Earle… Seen Jimmy live on several occasions. Absolute master of showmanship. Voice still as good as when I first saw him in the seventies.

Andre Martin… Great showman to work with had some great gigs over the years, first time I recall was at the Shoreline Club in Bognor Regis many years ago !!

Mick O’Dowd… One of the undiscovered greats. Saw him at Butlins a few years back with Edwin Starr. Magic! Never recognised fully for the talent he has. Check out the album Live At The Marquee with him on one side and the other The Alan Bown Set. Another great band.

Hammer Head – Aquarius 5th May 1973

1973 5th may hammer head

aquarius live feb 1973

Nigel Ford… RARE BIRD did a track called Hammerhead – I wonder if there were band members in this band? Krishna Kudu (from Maidstone)used to cover the track in their set at Battle dances.

Alan Esdaile… Can’t find out much about them Nigel. Their was a rock band called Hammerhead but looks like that was the later part of the seventies so probably not the same band. As its listed as Radio 1 group, I would have thought they would have had a record release but so far draw a blank. Anyone?