Mungo Jerry – Aquarius Club Hastings 10th November 1973




posters supplied by Mick Mepham

Tim Elms….I was at the Aquarius for Mungo Jerry. Their set was loud and heavy but the punters were there for the hits

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I was at the Aquarius on the Mungo Jerry night, was it that long ago!!

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… I always thought Mungo Jerry was a person. Think it was because there was just a photo of the singer next to the name on my Mum’s 1972 K-Tel hits compilation!

Tony Court-holmes… i think i was there

Jim Breeds… I was.

Yvonne Cleland… I remember them on the pier.

Monica Bane… He lived just along the road from me!

Peter Houghton… I remember seeing them on Hastings Pier what a great night

Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band – Aquarius Club 20th August 1971

Mick O’Dowd… One of my heroes. Saw them several times including the Hastings Football Stadium gig. Great stuff.Problem was he couldn’t get the same excitement on his studio outings.

David Edwards… It seemed like Geno and his band played every fortnight from the Cobweb through to the Aquarius

Steve Maxted… I worked with the band at different venues including Catford. Terrific sound, loved them

Pete Houghton… I saw them at Picketts Loch in London 1976

Goodbye Saturdays and Aquarius clubs George Street Hastings

photos taken 2nd June 2023

Wendy Weaver… Just the latest in a long line of buidings that caught fire conveniently.

Graham Sherrington… yes just in time to build some more Luxury flats!!!

Wendy Weaver… Of course.Follow the money and the long pockets.

Reg Wood… Sad to see. Lot’s of memories there.

Leigh Mitchell… So sad, I spent many nights there from 1971 until mid 1980s, either working (glass collector in 1971 & waitress/bar mid 70s) and lots of fab times dancing the night away to disco music & live bands from The Sweet to Haircut 100