Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band – Aquarius Club 20th August 1971

Mick O’Dowd… One of my heroes. Saw them several times including the Hastings Football Stadium gig. Great stuff.Problem was he couldn’t get the same excitement on his studio outings.

David Edwards… It seemed like Geno and his band played every fortnight from the Cobweb through to the Aquarius

Steve Maxted… I worked with the band at different venues including Catford. Terrific sound, loved them

Pete Houghton… I saw them at Picketts Loch in London 1976

Stuart Henry Disc Jockey – Aquarius 11th May 1974


stuary henry

Joe Knight… Use to go on stage with Steve Maxted, back in 68 at Catford London crazy but a great bloke.

Alan Esdaile… Just notice Titanic are a forthcoming attraction. A long forgotten track that I remember playing to death in Bonitas was the hit ‘Sultana’.

Tony Davis… I was listening to the Titanic track the other day and remember that I gave that a bit of a thrashing too at both the Astral and the Crypt.

Nick Shute… Remember listening avidly every Sunday night on Radio 1 to Alexis Korner on at 8pm followed by Stuart Henry’s ‘noise at nine’….both great shows!

Colin Bell… He was one of my favourite radio jocks, whenever i play or hear ‘Soul Finger’ i think of Stuart and him opening his show, sadly missed, taken far too young.

King Rod and Co – Aquarius Club 1970’s

photo: Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

Pete Millington… King Rod and Co playing at The Aquarius in early 1970s (Rod Trowell on Bass and Greg Pierce on Rhythm and Paul Freeman on Drums. Kingsley Trowell on Lead Guitar (out of shot)

Andy Qunta… Great band! Saw them quite a few times, and Factory probably shared the bill with them too!

Harry Randall… How is Greg not seen. Him for a while?

Andy Knight… Paul Freeman on drums?

John Mcewen… Kingsley worked with my dad at W M Stills. He was our door to door insurance agent as well. Busy man!

Dave Weeks… John, my ex brother in law.

Stuart Moir… Greg’s a recluse ha ha not really he doesn’t like fb so if you’ve got his number give him a call.

Barry French… Saw King Rod play many times, great musicians who always put on a really good show. At one Aquarius gig (I think it may have been for the W.M. Stills annual party) King came out for the second set wearing the most outrageous skin hugging tights I’ve ever seen. Talking of Stills I worked there with both King & Greg, I would sometimes pester them with “How do you do this & how can I do that questions about guitars, amplifiers & bands, Both were happy to pass on any advice & never once told me to **** off. Also worked with John McEwan Senior at Stills. A real “Diamond geezer” After doing a gig for the Stills social club we loaded up the Ford Thames van & to our dismay (But to no surprise) it wouldn’t start. John ferried a large chunk of the gear back & forth in his car. Top Man.