Aquarius Discotheque – August Bank Holiday 1974


Alan Pepper… Great ad ! Would have been there after a few jars at The Crypt / Pumphouse / Cutter ! Along with Tim Wright Cliff Webb (Spider) and the late Roger Farley. Girls dancing around their handbags to the likes of Rock your baby, Rock the boat and some of us Kung fu fighting .
Can’t believe it’s over 40 years ago !!!  Altogether now Whoa ho ho hawww !!! Everybody was Kung Fu fighting !!

Janine Anne Scott… Just love the admission prices.

Mick Knights… And we could stay out till 12.30 on a Saturday night!

Tony Davis… I used to DJ there at Friday Night Club nights. There was a great team of people working there. It was managed by the late John Sutherland. Such a character. Working for him was a real experience. Andy’s right the floor was littered with handbags!