Aquarius sold for £20,000 to Goodhews April 1974

Matt Thomas… Is this what I remember as Saturday’s?

Samantha Blake… yes x

Peter Thomson… Blimey that’s £500 more than I paid for my first house!

Chris Pook… Wonder what its like in there now?

Steve Thorpe… Saw Suzi Quattro there!

Peter Thomson… I saw The Sweet, Blackfoot Sue, Marmalade, Kiki Dee and probably others. Sweet stand out – Blockbuster was either at number one or about to be. Had some outrageous offers for my ticket.

Leigh Wieland-Boys…  I have posted this before – this is a photo of the opening night of Saturdays circa 1975 when they had waitresses

Alan Pepper… Plenty a good time had there in the seventies ! With Steve Maxted on the double decks ! Highlights of mine were Hot Chocolate Johnny Johnson and the bandwagon and Donnie Elbert. Went out with a fiver came home ears ringing worse for wear girls phone number (if lucky) and still some change in my pocket Ha Ha .