Arm Signals – The Highway Code. Who remembers these?

Simon Merrick… I can remember the days when people used to indicate too !!!!

Sheila Martin… I hate to admit this, but when I started taking drivin lessons I had to do all these – Ah – back in the day.

Nigel Goodman… Remember learning this too

Martin Curcher… Seems like Indicators are still not used correctly or at all these days!

Alan Parker… Thats because , apparently we are all psychic now

Peter Fairless… These days, you’ll be fined for taking your hand off the wheel!

Ernest Ballard… Slowing down seemed a popular one but not seen today with the speed of cars etc

Tim Moose-Bruce… Right turn Clyde….

Janet Rennie… Loved that

Alan Parker… never see hand signals anymore and I don’t think most drivers under 45 even know the ones for police/warden controlled junctions.

Janet Rennie… Yep in my triumph Toledo driving lesson car

Jeanette Jones… I remember I’m with Alan on this though, have noticed, ‘I intend to slow down’, is little known

Mike Guy… Most people don’t realise what flashing your lights really means.

Alan Parker… I was always taught that the only reason for flashing your headlights was to warn someone you were there and nothing else.

Dave Nattress… I’m with Simon Merrick on the days when drivers used to indicate albeit being born and bred in Bexhill it’s something that was never popular and didn’t ever really catch on like driving at more than 15 mph.

Chris Giles… Used hand signals when I took my motorcycle test