who remembers Aurora Plastics Co (UK) Ltd, Bexhill?

Jan Warren’s brother…. Anyone knocking around here remember the Aurora plastics factory being in Bexhill on the newly built Beeching Road(named after the supposedly infamous Dr Beeching) industrial estate at the beginning of the 1970’s?

Dave Nattress… Yes, being local, (lived not far away) I do recall Aurora Plastics. Supposedly infamous Dr. Beeching, now there’s a major understatement. How successive Governments have had to cause to regret how that maniac was let loose by the Conservatives to rip up our rail network – not to mention the millions of punters who could have been travelling on the lines he got rid of. OK, it’s a wide debate still and of course, many of the old lines, and these were not just little old branch lines, were not profitable back then, but what a tremendous loss. A very few lines have been reinstated and suggestions remain regarding many more old routes such that could these now be re-built but, far too many old routes were given over to ROADS being built on them along with housing estates and general development that now prevent the lines being re-opened. Sorry my rant about Beeching has rather overtaken Aurora which actually I had forgotten about.