Candy Choir autographed The Cobweb poster 13th December 1969 and signed strip.

Supplied by Peter Houghton

John Wilde… I remember the price of admission to the Sunday club went from 2/6 to 3/-.

Mick O’Dowd… Excellent band. Always tried to catch their appearances. Always thought they should have been bigger

Peter Fortsch… Very popular at Langton Hall Battle when I was a youngun

Keith Veness… Peter, Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon played Langton Hall early 70s

Peter Fortsch… Saw Chicory Tip play Langton Hall when they had No 1

Stuart Moir… Brilliant vocal band led by the incredible Danny Beckett.

Chris Howard… Brilliant Band, supported them in Portsmouth with Index.

Jeff Beck autograph?

Album cover without signature

Supplied by Peter Houghton

Peter Houghton… I was working in Oxfam shop in Hastings in the late 90s And I sorted out all the records that came in. So I had the first choice and this was one of them.

Alan Esdaile… Searching on the internet, there seems to be hundreds of different Jeff Beck autographs. Anyone know if this is genuine?

Steve Hamilton… Any idea of the year? I am no expert but he generally signed with the “e” in Jeff as a “backward 3” – regardless that is great vinyl.