Baker Gurvitz Army & Tea – Hastings Pier Sat 1st Nov 1975




Flyer supplied by Mick Mepham , cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Michael Mepham….One of the best Typos ever, Pea! They were actually a Swiss band called Tea and were excellent, great sense of timing. Got a feeling they may have supported Golden Earring but I can’t be sure of that. I have the album they had out at the time – really good.

Mick O’Dowd….Great band. I worked on the Pier with them. I stood sidestage about 6ft from Ginger. Wot a drummer! Made it look so easy. There were only three of them but the support band had to set up on The Ballroom floor half way up the side.

Glen Piper….Yeah, worked both gigs with these guys on the Pier

Tony Court-holmes….yes i was one of the in house roadies with glen piper

Sarah Harvey…..Baker Gurvitz Army. The article actually appeared in Stephen Turner’s Group Scene article on February 8th, 1975 just after the release of their first album, and they appeared on the pier some 9 months later

Gary Kinch…..Remember that one. Well, when I say “remember” 😉

Nick Webb….I was there again.

Henry Mann…..So was I

Peter Gladwish… Thanks for posting this Sarah Harvey. I went to this performance but whenever I mention the B.G.Army to anyone, I get a blank response. I’ve often wondered if I’d imagined the whole thing! (Maybe I did!!!)

Sarah Harvey… Well if you imagined it Peter Gladwish, then so did I 🙂

Peter Fairless… My ears still hurt just thinking about it

Jim Breeds… I’m more interested in the folk article alongside it. I’m sure I saw Hemlock at the Black Horse, I was there or at the Hayloft regularly at about this time. And the late great Peter Bellamy gets a mention too. 🙂

Eric Cawthraw…  Yep, a great gig and only 40 years ago. I liked the Gun – who morphed into Three Man Army, who morphed into BGH. Tea were spot on too. Here’s a sobering thought – if I’d written this in 1975 about a band seen 40 years ago, it meant I was going back to 1935! ….I’m off to play my Al Bowley wax cylinders.

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Baker Gurvitz Army – Hastings Pier 11th February 1975

Nigel Ford… I woz there……not overly impressed from memory.

Mick O’Dowd… What a band. What a night. What an experience. I worked on this one and throughout their performance I stood in the wings about 8ft away from Ginger. He made those drums talk! The support band had to set up halfway down the side of the ballroom because there was no room onstage for them amongst the Armies gear.

Alan Esdaile… Agree Mick. Amazing gig.

Matt Thomas… Wasn’t it Paul Gurvitz who was a customer of ours at Masons?

Alan Esdaile… Yes it was one of the relatives of the Gurvitz but not that one that wrote a song in the attic!

Matt Thomas… Oh that old classic

Tony Court-Holmes… helped out as a roadie on the pier the night they played there with Glen Piper

John Wilde… Incredible night, stunning performance

John Coleman… Yep I remember them! Not a very good gig.