Who used to make and have fun with a balsa wood glider?

David Edwards…The ones I made always self destructed!

Ernest Ballard… Still do. But the propellor and elastic band ones were too expensive for us

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My brother…the amount of times I got hit in the face by one of these….Oh how he laughed!

Jane Cranfield… I remember these my bothers always made them but yes they didn’t last long in trees, over hedges or under cars lol x

Roger Simmonds… Me also balsa wood and paper covered larger flying models great fun.

Mick O’Dowd… Mine very rarely got past the maiden flight!

Julie Findlay-jones… Still do with my grandchildren, they sell them in the pound shop.

Dave Nattress… I’m with Mick O’Dowd, hardly got one past a maiden flight.  Worse though, rather more recently, the little battery powered, remote operated helicopters, great for the kids for a couple of flights then prang and they’ve had it.

Lyn Humphrey… Me & my brother used to see who could chuck them the furthest, until they broke. We laugh now at how competitive we were. But I laugh more.

Paul Slidel… Who remembers Jetex model engines?

Lyn Humphrey.. Yep, Jetex model engines–I seem to remember fixing one to a model boat. Tremendous acceleration, though only for a fairly short duration.

Paul Slidel… Yes, had one on a plane I built, never saw it again!