Hastings Pier Bar memories


photo by Chris Meachen

Peter Pursglove…Alan ,who was the crazy bar manager i think his name was Charlie ,always had to keep an eye on the bar when he was there ,just before Christmas one year i was in the bar with Paul when he upset someone and a fight broke out ,he always had some silly hat on but he was quite a character he he ?

Alan Esdaile… I can picture him now Pete. He’s the one that announced he was closing the bar at 11.30 on a News Year Eve!

Peter Pursglove… ha ha that sounds just like him ,the fight i mentioned was with him and a scruffy looking lad and his girl ,paul wacked the bloke in the mouth and he went down and sat on the floor blood dripping from his mouth holding a broken pair of false teeth and said in a very gummy voice “Ow am i gonna eat my fucking Christmas dinner now ,i don’t think we stopped laughing for ages after that ,one of my many memories of Paul he he

Alan Esdaile… Talking of the pier bar, I remember drinking in the jam packed bar and the bar manager announces, if anyone in here is under age, the police are about to raid us, so I suggest you leave the bar now. Well I think 90% of the bar cleared out. Apparently when ever their was police coming in, the toll booth at the entrance would ring through to the bar to warn them.

Caz Simpson…. I remember red or green membership cards. I think you had to have a green one to buy alcohol?

Marian Jones… Very funny story. I missed all those goings on as I was a”Good Girl” and only went to see the Rolling Stones on the pier but can’t remember the year.! “The Witch Doctor “at the Marina was my main haunt. The best venue on the South Coast.Great memories!!

John Storer… In the 40+ years I’ve been working in criminal law around the country, I have only ever known one set of prosecutions of youngsters for drinking under age, and they arose from a police raid on the Pier bar. One of this sites occasional commentators was one of the three or so persons prosecuted! 🙂