Steppin’ Out and Dupree – St Valentine’s Ball – Carlisle Hastings – 11th February 1977




supplied by Mick Knight

Photos of Dupree by Eric Money. Featuring Andy Bannister, Barry Denyer and Mick Knight

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember this gig?

Martyn Baker… Well, I definitely played the gig with Tich, Martin, Roger, Piers, Wesley, Andy. I think Dupree were friends of Tich’s. Long time ago!

Tich Turner’s Roaring 80’s and Roger Hubbard’s Delta Wing and Barry Denyer – Coach Trip 18th April 1979

Anyone remember going on this?

Paul Dengate… I think I was there, went to some gig up that way. Must check the diary.

Andy Qunta…  Is there supposed to be a 2nd “T” in Tich?

Alan Esdaile… No Andy but I have been guilty of adding it in the past!

Chris Baker… Yes I do. Good gig actually. We (The 80’s) had invited some record company bigwigs to the show. They were far more interested in Roger’s band! (Who were damned good).

Conan Howard… last time I saw Tich Turner he was living in a squat in Lewisham ,south london