Village with Pete Prescott – 1974/75


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all photos supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott….my first band.i joined in Sep 72 and left in Sep 77.the main photo is after a gig at sittingbourne around hair was like miss piggy’s.we were on the London pub circuit from 74 till 77.played all the London venues.did the 100 club with the stranglers in 76.played all over England.wrote a lot of songs.still got the tapes.i had a 26 inch could play a tune on my rib cage.very young and very naive.had the most wonderful time.we were all like brothers.the one with the long blond hair is Andy holiday.he does the p.a. at beatles day.he had that laugh even then ! when the band finished in 77 i came down to Hastings to see my girlfriends parents with her one weekend.i auditioned for a band (went along as a kind of practice for the London auditions) it was steppin out with tich turner wes and roger hubbard.i was living in Hastings by the end of the year. Now that mic stand is well dodgy.the one i have now (i have had it since the lost boys started in 89 is the same make) its had new legs and feet ! the jeans were from kensington market (as was the jacket ) i had boots with 5 inch heels ! I thought i looked the dogs bollocks. . . sadly i looked daft and could hardly walk ! ah youth !

Mick Mepham… Who’s the guy on the left with the hair …..???? I’m catching you up Pete….


Village at The Brecknock 1976. Melody Maker cutting supplied by Iain Cobby.

Andy Qunta… Great find!