Bexhill Hop 1980’s photos Part 2 of 5

Supplied by Pete Prescott

Karen Sweatman… I went one year and Gerry and the Pacemakers were headlining. Centre Page were support if my memory serves me correctly.

Kathy Harding… Thanks Pete, great memories for Les

Chris Baker… Remember Suspect playing around Hastings. Round Table youth club at the far end of Priory Road, near Mount Pleasant Hospital (I think!) “Town Council” a band I was in, were regulars there and used to practice downstairs. Mr. Day was in charge there for a while. Great bloke and very encouraging

Peter Houghton… Is that Ray Fenwick on Guitar?

Graham Burfield… Peter, yes it’s Ray

Pete Prescott… Great memories !

Chris Howard… Loved those days

Stuart Moir… This was a time when the money was second to the enjoyment of performing with fantastic musicians/singers and dancers .