Time Out – Kings Head Battle 1987

supplied by Paul Huggett

Barry French, Andy Sproxton, Paul Huggett

Alan Wood… Cor, look at that poser in my old pub

Rick Baldwin… Mean and moody!!

Chris Jolly… And that’s just Paul! “Those were the days my friend”…

Dave Weeks… And a tape recorder

Graham Matthews… PKH looking a little Macho!


Long John Baldry – Langton Hall Battle 6th October 1973

photo 1972

cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Wood… Wish we could have a time machine,L J B in Battle, crickey

Terry Tollan… Played there about 1977/78 mind your head everyone

Linda Day… He was my daughters husbands cousin

Dave Platt… Back in the day, is it that long ago went to that gig.

Tony Court-holmes… remember having to run for the bus to home at 11pm

Pauline Macey… Derek used to go there. Long John Baldy was one of my favourites, saw him few years ago in St Mary in Castle. X


Equipment details Park Gates Studio Catsfield


supplied by Pete Prescott

Martyn Baker… We recorded as Missing Persons there in 1980. Here is a playlist of Missing Persons recordings from 1980. Some wonderful songs! Written and sung by Steve Winterbottom, and played by Martin Luckhurst Ashley Pepper, Martyn Baker and Kevin Hoad.


supplied by Martyn Baker

Pete Prescott… It was an amazing studio. Recorded my first single (shine it on me) there. Ray Fenwicks white lightning. Pete Shaw Terry Pack Ray and Andy Qunta. Did leaving on a jet plane there and Smoke on the Water with Ray Neil Murray and Cozy Powell. I had one or two nice times there but I often felt uncomfortable. A studio is like a pub to me. You like being in it or you don’t. I preferred other studios. It may have been that the Ray’s sessions were always tense.  Lovely buildings. So many amazing musicians.
As we left after jet plane Wings had it for a month. Macca was there the day after Lennon was killed, they said it was a strange day. He was heartbroken. I was told Marillion were there.  Andy Knight saw Billy Cobham in a nearby pub, John Ewen meet Paul Rogers there. They have been turned into private houses now. Carole and I viewed one. Brought back some memories.

Terry Pack… I agree with Pete. A great facility, but a negative ‘vibe’. I never enjoyed working there, though I wanted to do so. I usually love being in the studio, but it felt ‘cold’ there.

Phil Thornton… ! I did a couple of sessions there but it never felt like a good place to make music ! – I guess the price might have been a factor – haha !

Pete Prescott… I remember Cozy playing drums on Smoke, there were workmen working on the floor. They were banging nails in to the rhythm of his playing. I said to Ike and Ray “is his room soundproofed !? “

Terry Pack… The original track had a drum machine playing four on the floor and 16s on the hats, with me playing a Teena Marie style bass part! Ray’s idea of commercial. When he asked Cozy to put some drums on it, he insisted (quite reasonably) that the bass be removed!

Pete Prescott… I had to sing to that bloody racket ha ha !
The drums were put on after the vocals (and the bass).you played (ithink) the bass part which was removed so Neil Murray could be put on (Ray needed names to sell it ) Completely arse about face. But I did get to meet and work with the adorable Barry St John, she was wonderful ! And later on the album Mo Foster. He was brilliant and hilarious !

Alan Esdaile… Daily Mail 2010… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/property/article-1282885/Why-developing-homes-new-rocknroll.html

Black Horse Folk Club Festival Weekend September 1979

Nadia Compagnone… Bit too young to remember this event, but lived almost next door to the Black Horse. Great memories and can even remember the phone number!!

Mike Waghorne… I could of well have been there around that time often went there on a saturday night in the early & late 70’s

Chris Pook… I used to work behind the bar in the folk club around that time. Got £6 for a 6 till 2am closing time and then had to collect, wash and dry all the glasses! Eddie was a great guy to work for though.

Alan Wood… Ahh the good old days !!

The Sinners – early 60’s and poster 25th Nov 1961



photo supplied by Len Smith – Eastbourne Bands From 1960 on and poster supplied by Colin Fox.

The Sinners – Laurie Brookman, Terry Richardson, Eddie Sargent and Mike Sullivan.

Alan Esdaile… Was Langton House the same place that became Battle Memorial Hall?

Yvonne Cleland… Must be. I remember it as Langton Hall back then, having said that.

Jacqueline Marsh… Brilliant days

Ken Copsey… Great picture.

Last Days Of Yesterday’s World Battle 2015 – photos by Andrew Clifton

all photos Andrew Clifton

just a few of the many photos Andrew Clifton took.

Alan Esdaile… Crazy when this closed down. I wonder what happened to all the exhibits. Thanks for the memory Andrew.

Andrew Clifton… Thank you very much for your comments Alan. I believe all the items were auctioned off not sure what happened after that. I remember having a lot of toys that were on show.

Yvonne Cleland… I think everything got sold. It wasn’t a proper accredited museum.

Mike Waghorne… the guy from salvage hunters brought alot of stuff it was on one of his series of programs !

Peter Brazier… I never did get to see in there! Thanks for posting!

Andrew Clifton… I had never been inside myself until the last days. There was a big area in the back. That I never got to see. Peter. Thank you for taking a interest in the pictures.

Graham Bradley… Started by Mrs Buckley and a great asset to Battle just brilliant.

Pauline Richards… We often went there they had great garden too.

Sheila Maile… Went there 3times, really took you back to those times. I grew up in 60s. was a happy time. Love to relive those days. Not a nice world these days

Angela Frances Gardner… I worked here briefly about 15 years ago. I was surplus to requirements. The owner decided that the manager had employed too many people.

Pete Prescott… Loved it there.

Hilary Zebedee… My parents had a grocers shop in Manor Road, Hastings for 40 years. We donated items to the museum when we sold my parents house (the shop being on the ground floor). I wonder too what happened to all the exhibits??

Jeremy Peter Harrison… I think the items went to auction. Rather unfair when so much was donated.

Hilary Zebedee… Jeremy, would have been nice to have had opportunity to get donations back.

Tracy Birrell… I loved this place and so did my children. Such a shame it’s gone. I always wanted to live there.