Scott Walker R.I.P.

Allan Testot-newick… R.I.P. Scott Walker ..

Pete Fisher… Sad news…I have his first four solo albums, which are not exactly easy listening, but amazing and very ambitious pieces of work, and unlike anything else that was around at the time…

Alan Esdaile… Very talented man with many brilliant tracks over the years. Very sad news.

Noel Garland… What a voice. RIP Scott.

Hazel Woolford… One of the greatest singers

Janet Rennie… Such a fabulous voice

Andy Ives… Rest peacefully Scott


Geoffrey Bayldon – Catweazle dies


Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. Catweazle. The neighbours kids used to think I was Catweazle when I had long hair!

John Wilde… Oh no!

John Austin… How sad, loved Catweazle !

Patrick Briggs… He had a good innings . Not long watched every catweazle on DVD box set

Julie Findlay-jones… Sleep well Carweazle x

Tony May… I took some footage of the locations where ‘Catweazle’ was filmed when I went to meet Geoffrey at a club weekend in 2014. You can watch the first part here…

Jan Warren… Goodnight catweazle xx

Jake Nelson… Shame–Catweazle was a popular programme for me & my friends, as was Worzel Gummidge, that also featured Geoffrey Bayldon.

Ken Dodd receives knighthood from Prince William 2nd March 2017


Photo by David A Ellis – Civic Hall Ellesmere Port in January 2007

Alan Esdaile… Well deserved, a true star.

Peter Fairless… Did he pay any tax?

Matt Thomas… A bit doddery these days though

Glenn Piper… About time

Chris Meachen… How tickled he is…!

Ernest Ballard… All the way Notty Ash.

Alan Esdaile… happiness is the greatest gift he possess.

Clifford Rose…  Saw him a few years ago in Eastbourne. His show didn’t finish till 00:30.

Derek Johnson… Here you are Beckham someone who really deserves a Kighthood, he didn’t have to write for it.

David Miller… How tickled he is…!

Alan Pepper… By Jove ! What a lovely day for giving Diddy a Gong !!

Nigel Ford… I wonder if they managed to get away before midnight?

Joy Beverley of The Beverley Sisters R.I.P.


Jim Breeds… Is she the last of them?

Alan Esdaile… It says the other sisters are still alive. Remember them on every variety show when I was growing up.

Jim Breeds… Me too. My Mum loved ’em. Me? Well at least they didn’t play Hawaiian guitars 🙂 Sunday Night At The London Palladium was the sort of show they kept on cropping up on I think. And on the BBC Light Programme.

Matt Thomas… Joy was the eldest and was married to footballer Billy Wright. Always appeared in the middle even when appearing in the audience of the ‘Audience with’ programmes.

Wendy Weaver… When I was a teenager they were in the Summer Show at the Pavilion in Bournemouth. I worked opposite and saw them almost on a daily basis. They were lovely and always dressed exactly the same right down to handbags, shoes and headbands. They were really friendly with everyone and were always smiling I think this must have been the year Joy married Billy Wright in Poole

James Last – big band leader dies.

Grand_Gala_du_Disque_Populaire_1970_-_James_Last james last

b/w photo source: Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Rijksfotoarchief: Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Fotopersbureau (ANEFO), 1945-1989 – negatiefstroken zwart/wit, nummer toegang, bestanddeelnummer 923-3019

Dave Luck… Very talented musician and composer. R.I.P

Jim Breeds… A bit like when I just heard that Marguerite Patten has died I’d have to say I had no idea he was still alive. I still have Dad’s James Last LPs.

Alan Esdaile… When I was very young, I think most parties would put on a James Last album. He did some very odd tracks, I think Matt Thomas remembers him doing a version of Hawkwind’s Silver Machine!

Jim Breeds… Goodness me! I had no idea!

Alan Esdaile… Very bizarre.

Graham Burfield… R.I.P. James Last

Matt Thomas… I would so love to get the James Last album my dad used to play endlessly,think it was called Non Stop Dancing 72 or 73!!!!!! That had Silver Machine and Schools Out on it lo.

Dave Luck… I think probably his best concert he did in 1978, live in London.

Paul Kilford…. noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Mark Edir… Historic man

Percy Sledge dies aged 74


photo: Gene Pugh

Jim Breeds… Another one down

Andy Qunta… RIP

Andre Martin… A very sad day- RIP Percy

Jane Hartley… 2 in 2 days, not good.

Alan Esdaile… this is very sad news. R.I.P.

Pauline Sims… RIP Percy.

Julie Findlay-Jones… Oh no, sad sad news R.I.P

Carol Ann Bolton… We are at that age where Facebook is like an obituary page. 🙁

Colin Bell… Wrapped in Warm and Tender Love now R.I.P

Jim Breeds. warm & tender love, Great song!

Mick O’Dowd… Sad loss of yet another soundtrack of my generation. Saw him at The Aquarius ( I think) and was only a small man with a big voice.