Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show – Buckshole Field, St Helens Road, Hastings

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show on the 20th drew thousands to Buckshole Field, St Helens Road 

more information fromhttp://hastingschronicle.net/archives/buffalo-bill-hits-town/

Alan Esdaile… Anyone watch the recent series on BBC called ‘The English’? Mention of Hastings in the last episode.

Bernard Goffredo… yes I loved it, I remember my Grandmother telling me about seeing Buffalo bill coming out and rearing up on his horse

Judy Atkinson… I was watching the last episode of The English last night, and one of the characters takes part in this touring show, saying his favourite place he’s visited in England is Hastings, because of the cliff railway! The show has another name in the TV series

Mick O’Dowd… I only survived 3 episodes. Too slow and actors seemed to mumble and being hard of hearing couldn’t make it out. Don’t like the subtitles.

Judy Atkinson… Mick, it was worth sticking with it. Very different from most westerns though

Trevor Jones… Judy, Yep !I liked that bit too.

Dennis Torrance… Knew about this sometime. Around a lot of other famous people as well as Sitting Bull


Steve Wright in the afternoon to finish on Radio 2

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Bookham Ally… Thank goodness. Now I can tune into Radio 2 in the afternoons.

Michael Coller… Getting rid of the old jocks for the young, the BBC messing there programs up yet again, young jocks-Radio one, old jocks-Radio two was there format once and it worked, that’s having someone with no music knowledge in charge again.

Paul Anthony… What a big mistake Scott Mills… why don’t the BBC look a bit further than just in London circle for talent, there is some fantastic dj broadcasters out here ….. its about time this talent was given a chance instead of the old school boy shake hand stuff that people just get pissed off with. Steve Wright an icon in broadcasting will take some mighty shoes to fill . But there is great talent out here, BBC you really need to look at little further than around your feet, or is that too much trouble for you as you don’t have time with all your nice lunches and meeting ? , so sorry your ruining the Corp. But I suppose you don’t care , you don’t listen , because you think your bigger than anything, well things are changing , ohhhh and why were on the Rant please please sack that idiot Zoe Ball another waste of tax payers money…….

Michael Coller… Spot on Paul.

Ricky Adelaide… About time I say

Tim Moose Bruce… Liked him in the 80s on R1. Just an annoying git now

Lucy Pappas… I’ll miss him

Terry Harmer… Hope Vanessa Feltz & Zoe Ball go next !!!

Bernard Morphew… Raving mad pal !!!

Chris Garrod… Vanessa Felts knows naff all about music. He voice is enough to make turn off.

Margaret Trowell… Bring back Tony Blackburn in a decent slot I say

Will lam Sherwood… Scott Mills really not going tune in, bye radio 2 hello virgin radio

David Edwards… I think he and Chris Evans are both alike neither have any real interest in music and they think that they themselves are the show.

Mick O’Dowd… He isn’t there on Sunday mornings! It’s all pre-recorded!

Dave Nattress… Don’t mind him at all so long as he doesn’t talk over the tracks too much like most do. The 80’s afternoon show was very good with all the characters – particularly liked Sid the Manager. For me it’s about the tracks they play and on the whole his shows for mainstreet radio have a good mix. Johnny Walker on Sunday afternoon is the best for someone of my era though.

Lyn Humphrey… I’ll miss him (and the Factoids). What’s Tony Blackburn doing these afternoons?

Tim Moose Bruce… I liked Chris Tarrant. He likes his rock music.

Graham Belchamber… I always enjoyed his character ‘Mr Angry’

Alan Charlton… When the listener numbers fall through the floor will the BBC admit their stupidity? of course not! these people are never wrong & never held to account for their mistakes, just remember we all pay their wages via the licence fee.

50th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act


Jake Nelson… I certainly remember that, listening to the Pirates on my little tranny, outraged that they were trying to ration my pop-music! And of course the war was eventually won, because it forced the establishment to allow us unlimited devil-music!

The Dave Clark Five and Beyond: Glad All Over.




Caz Simpson… Loving Dave Clark Five!

Matt Thomas… Watching it now but i didnt realise just how big they were in America !!!!!!!

Will Cornell… They were big, but having lived thru it and being American, I’d say (after the Beatles and Stones of course) memories are bigger on the Animals and Herman’s Hermits as far as being ubiquitous on the radio, record sales, etc. It did not help that Clark kept his catalog out of print so many years later while the others (including the Kinks who didn’t tour here early on) were consistent sellers in back catalog.

Eric Cawthraw… I wasn’t going to watch this – glad that I did. I’d forgotten just how influential they were. Dave Clark is a very clever astute guy – pity only 2 of them left in bodily form! I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, much to my surprise. Just shows my level of ignorance…. again!

Mick O’Dowd… Why did they never play The Pier. They were the sort of act that would have drawn. Just think I may have answered my own question. They would have demolished it with Glad All Over & Bits & Pieces. Either that or it would have sunk!

Peter Fairless… Perhaps they didn’t like coming ‘sarf’ of the river?

Pauline Sims… That was a fascinating programme.

Will Cornell… Clark is kind of like those stories you hear of other music luminaries…Sam Phillips for example. Everyone rightly remembers him for Sun Records….but he made his fortune as an initial investor in Holiday Inns. Once the “British Invasion” era in ’64-65 was over, Clark must have learned a lesson from Dick Clark and made his fortune behind the scenes……

Barry Newton… I  seem to remember the DC5 staying in the George hotel in Rye many moons ago while making a promo film.

Jim Hobbs… Good if overlong documentary of DC5’s history. I thought I spotted a few Spinal Tap moments which was a bit surreal.

Pete Fisher… following a recent discussion here about the Dave Clark Five, I thought a few people might find this interesting. As a young kid in the 60s he loomed large for me as someone who put the drums up front, visually and production-wise, and was a big reason I wanted to play drums before I chose guitar,,,I’ve only got round to playing drums seriously in the last few years…one of the interesting things about the huge sound the band had was that Dave owned the master tapes and the rights to the recordings, which meant they could break the rules of recording imposed on most bands back then, and push the VU meters into the red. They also didn’t have unlimited studio time, like the Beatles for instance, so they had to get tracks down after a couple ,of takes, which gives the music that live feel and freshness. Above is  the documentary written and produced by Dave in 2014.. just watched the documentary, and it’s excellent – recommended viewing!!

Broadcaster Sir Jimmy Young dies aged 95



Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. Sir Jimmy. Used to really enjoy him on his discussion show on Radio 2 but think he ended up falling out with the BBC .

Matt Thomas… Byeeeee for now!!!!!

Jim Breeds… One of my mum’s favourites. 

Dennis Torrance… Yes R.l.P. Jimmy yet another great one gone

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I still say “What’s the recipe today, Jim?” Sad news, R.I.P JY

Jim Breeds… Well, Raymondo…

Peter Fairless… TTFN, innit?

Chris Giles… My mum used to like him… RIP

Pete Brazier… No More ”What’s The Recepy today Jim” And Don’t Forget he was A Singer In His Early years ”The man From Laramie” He and Terry Wogan used to have great banter when jim’s show ended and Terrys one began each morning, If they Have Radio shows in Heaven They will be Top of the DJ’s. RIP JIM!

Virginia Davis… R.I.P I bought one of his old recipe books on Amazon so I could bake one of my Husband’s favourite cakes

Alan Esdaile… He was at The White Rock Pavilion 12th November 1971. Anyone know anymore about The Rank Roadshow?


Wakey Wakey…….who remembers sitting around the wireless listening to the Billy Cotton Band Show?


Photo © BBC.  Source: Josephine Fowler The Yesteryears Revisited


Colin Norton… “Hey you down there, you with the glasses”

Jim Hobbs… Sunday’s have never been the same as when I was a boy listening to his show.

Dennis Torrance… My mum used to listen to his radio show and she loved it also memories as a kid for me

Clifford Rose… I remember him. His signature tune was Somebody Stole my Gal.

Jon McCallion… I do, then it was dripping on toast . The minstrel show , the Saint , Sunday night at the London Palladium.

Colin Fox… Oooooh toast dripping and Marmite

Paul Morfey… How long ago was that?? Dont tell me!!

Alan Esdaile… Toast, you must have been posh Jon, we had to make do with bread and dripping. Paul, Sunday lunchtime show was between 1949 and 1968.

Colin Fox… My dad used to toast the bread in front of the fire.

Jim Hobbs… Eeeeee, luxury!

Paul Morfey… We only had bread and pull-it !!?!

Andre Martin… Generally around 1.30pm/2.00pm on a Sunday Afternoon after Family Favourites

Colin Fox… …..and during the week Workers Playtime

Wendy Weaver… We were very posh, we had jam. Billy Cotton Bandshow reminds me of washing up after Sunday Dinner. It was preceded by 2-way Family Favourites – great show

Colin Fox… Sundays remind me of the house smelling of cabbage

Chris Meachen… Remember it well, listening through the separate speaker underneath the redifusion telly..

Dennis Torrance… Oh what happy days lol my mums telly 405 and 625 lines push in button bbc2 and forever getting up to turn over lol

Mick O’Dowd… Wakey! Wakey! Proper sunday roast dinners. There was also 3 & even 4 way Family Favourites at times! Wow!

Andre Martin… I am sure that one more than one occasion BFBS[British Forces Broadcasting Service & BBC] linked London:Koln:Cyprus:Aden:Singapore for specials ie Christmas.

Alan Pepper… Yes that does bring back memories on a Sunday ! Also remember The Clitheroe Kid ? And later on TV after Sunday night at the London Palladium , 77 Sunset Strip ! I think ? In black and white.

Pat Burgess… Wow what memories, Family favourites, and now I live in Canada. How about Take it from here, Dick Barton, Journey into Space…

Mick O’Dowd… Kookie, lend me your comb! We know a song about that don’t we children.

Nigel Sherwood… Clitheroe Kid , The Navy Lark and Around the Horne used to love Sunday radio

Terry Wogan R.I.P.

terry wogan


Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. Terry Wogan and thank you for your wonderful dry comedy.

Jim Hobbs… A very great loss to broadcasting and to us all. What a terrible year 2016 is turning out to be for losing heroes.

Cheryl Pyatt… Very sad news. What a wonderful man. R.I.P. Terry.img404

Colin Bell… Another soundtrack to our lives gone. For his humour, wit and Eurovision ‘commentary’ he’ll be sadly missed. R.I.P. Terry.

Mick O’Dowd… Sad loss. The Grim Reaper is on overtime it seems. Beware!

Dave Nattress… Very sad to learn of this news. As an old rocker who would almost naturally be listening to music programmes on the radio, I was never, ever in two minds about listening to Terry on R2 when I could + actually of course R2 does play some of the older stuff that I grew up with. Marvellously entertaining and truly one of the greatest broadcasters and presenters ever – maybe the very, very best of just a few. Taking the wotsit when it was right to do so but in such a subtle way and never unkind. He got the formula just right. What about the dreaded Euro-derision – Terry made it watchable. One of those DJ’s that you listened to because you wanted to hear them and their comments much more than whatever it was they were playing.

Tony Davies… Very sad,,,,,

Andre Martin… Another sad day – too many departing RIP Sir Terry, you can now plague producer Mr Walters in that great radio station in the sky ! His very dry humour was a way often to get you going in the morning, and some of the so called characters who used to contact him, we all knew were his invention but that did not matter, they were entertaining without trying to hurt anybody.

Caz Simpson… Terry’s voice was like a comforting hug, I could never feel lonely when he was on air. This is one TOG who will miss him enormously, such a very sad day for everyone x

Andy Qunta… He was brilliant!

Tony May… At least Sir Terry spent his life doing what he was brilliant at and entertaining us all with his wit and charm. Sadly, not many people get to live the life they would like… Bon Voyage Sir Terry!

Disc jockey Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart dies


photo source: Lawson Speedway – Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire 30th May 1976


Matt Thomas… So sad, a little bit of my childhood has died. Loved Junior Choice and looked forward to it when they revived it for every xmas morning on radio 2.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. Was listening to him on Christmas Day on Junior Choice. RIP Stewpot.

Bryan Sandra…  Very sad news

Chris Giles… Very sad to hear this …

Andy Qunta… RIP, Stewpot! Thanks for the memories!

David Francis… I used to love Stewpot

Jim Breeds… Unlike. 🙁

David Francis… ‘Ello Darlin’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDUB_ykG1Oo&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop

Carol Arnold… sad

Pete Prescott… Sad. I remember listening to him.

Dave Nattress… A great shame – seemed a really ok guy and never up his wotsit and like I keep saying ‘cos I mean it and feel it, another part of our lives and past for so many years gone too – someone so many of us listened to for so long.

Caz Simpson… Really sad news.

John Kingdon… sad news, bless him.

Matt Thomas… I was a child in the 70’s and today feel a part of my childhood has died ;-(

Patrick Wapshott… Oh no not stewpot , how sad RIP xx

Mick O’Dowd… Crackerjack!

What did Hastings Pier sound like through the ages?


photo Alan Esdaile 6th September 2015


All Day and All of the Night – The Kinks
Not Fade Away – The Rolling Stones
Foxey Lady – Jimi Hendrix
Get It On – T.Rex
The Ballroom Blitz – Sweet
Pretty Vacant – Sex Pistols
Alison – Elvis Costello
Fire – The Prodigy
One Way – Levellers
Night Boat to Cairo – Madness
Kiss Them For Me – Siouxsie and the Banshees
Brown Paper Bag – Roni Size
Sugar Daddy – Secret Knowledge
The Rains of May – The Raveonettes
Red Right Hand – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Day Tripper – Jimi Hendrix

Allyson Breeds… It was fun 🙂 We made some suggestions about how it could be ‘improved’ including having different decades, to encourage repeat business.

Nigel Ford… Wot no BUDGIE!!…… they played there more times than all these surely?… and HAWKWIND, MOTORHEAD etc plus all the local bands that played multiple support/ headline gigs.

Andre Martin… I have to agree the listing was not really reflective of the acts that played the pier over the years, many decades were omitted.

Alan Esdaile…  I’m surprised he who can not be mentioned was missing and surely The Who should be included. Were you asked to contribute to this list Andre?

Andre Martin… The UofBton kept everything very much to themselves and from what I recall very little input. I think that it is not very reflective of the period and the acts that appeared.

Tony May… This looks like a pretty poor effort from people who have no real grasp of the subject matter to me. Fusion Orchestra, Medicine Head, Golden Earring and PINK FLOYD (Syd’s last ever gig!) all represent much more accurately the ‘aura’ the existing memories of the Pier ballroom have in the modern day.

Andre Martin… True, there are many arround from 60s onwards that have memories of the Ballroom and the music, because “they were there”

Tony Court-holmes… alan the young lady in that photo is my partner with her dad in 1960 Jill with her late father Ben


Alan Esdaile… That’s interesting Tony. I wonder where the photo came from and take it Jill has seen it before? Maybe it was one you submitted to the Pier archives?

Jim Breeds… It was an “experimental playlist” very much designed to test the concept and the technology rather than be a list that would appeal to all. They did ask those of us who went to the Silent Disco for our opinion. Which we gave them, as per Allyson’s earlier comment. The BBC must have been given the photo by somebody 🙂

Andre Martin… Could have been taken from the Official Pier Archive, at some point copyright etc would have required clearance.

Tony Court-holmes… Jill did give it to the archives still a laugh to see it again

Burt Bacharach A Life In Song – BBC4 Friday 27th Nov 2015 and what’s your favourite Burt Bacharach song?


source BBC… BURT BACHARACH: A Life In Song. A unique concert staged at the Royal Festival Hall celebrating the music of the legendary songwriter and performer Burt Bacharach. Some of Burt’s most famous songs are performed by a stellar line-up of artists including Alfie Boe, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Shaun Escoffery, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Hayward, Michael Kiwanuka, Laura Mvula and Joss Stone. Burt himself also performs accompanied by his band. During the concert Burt chats to Michael Grade about the art of songwriting and shares the stories behind some of his best-loved hits.

Carol Arnold… was great

Andre Martin… Missed that, will have to go a look on iplayer, he hasbeen a great part of the music industry that has touched us all at sometime.

Alan Esdaile… My favourite is Dionne Warwick – Don’t Make Me Over.

Mick Curtis… I remember a cover by The Fourmost. Or was it the Swinging Blue Jeans?

Colin Norton… It was the Swinging Blue Jeans and it was excellent!

Will Cornell… Favorites w. Dionne Warwick? Geez that alone is a tall order. “Are You There (With Another Girl)” or “Do You Know the Way To San Jose”. Then there are the other artists–“24 Hrs From Tulsa”, the “Casino Royale” theme (by Herb Alpert, not the 007 flick a few years ago), and Bacharach’s own instrumental “Nikki” which was about his daughter, and used on ABC TV’s “Movie of the Week” as theme music in the late 60s. This is the kind of music that made us realize our parents didn’t have such bad taste after all.

Caz Simpson… Trains and boats and planes.

Phil Gill… Oh, far too many to choose from, but this one always breaks my heart… I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.

Andre Martin… Excellent choice.

Julie Morris… Dusty Springfield – The Look Of Love.

Yvonne Cleland… Lovely Phil, but have you heard Elvis Costello sing it with Bacharach himself at the piano?

Gary Kinch… Aretha, say a little prayer. Oh yes. Closely followed by “three wheels on my wagon”

Jim Breeds… We watched this in the hotel. It was very good.