R.N.L.I. Beach Concert – August 1997


photos by Phil Little. Hastings Music Files.  littledrum.co.uk

  1. Pass The Cat Steve Riv & Colin Gibson. 2. Go Bear Go Tim & James. 3. Liane Carroll and Nana Tsiboe. 4. Johnny Panic.

Nigel Ford… I’ve played a track by Johnny Panic on my Heavy Rock Show on Hastings Rock Radio in the past.

Mick O’Dowd… Is Tracy Shipley and her husband still about. They also had the Carlisle back in the 70’s.

Eric Harmer… Tracy is still with us, sadly her husband died .

Joe’s Blooze Band – Hastings Beach Concert – 2000.

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© Eddie Hazell Estate. 

Joe Rytlewski, Phil Gill, Nigel Milliechamp and  Jez Gillett.

Phil Gill…..Always wondered what happened to pictures people take at gigs and how they turn out. Good to see some memories.  I am apparently Huge in Japan…

Tony Court-holmes…..I was back stage with the late great norman race remember him in old town week please.

Phil Gill… That was the 2000 Beach Concert. I remember it because I did JBB at around 5pm and then played with Stevie Z at 7pm. Just in time to come off stage and discover that Samabalanco had made their way backstage and drunk all the hospitality beer whilst we’d been been playing the Stevie Z set. We were unimpressed…

John Martyn with Phil Little & Joe Rytlewski. Day after the Beach Concert 1991.

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photos © Eddie Hazell Estate 

Tony Court-holmes….i was there well missed

Jim Breeds….I love that man.

Yvonne Cleland… That looks a bit like Monkey on the bongos.

Chris Baker… Was never a big fan. He lived just up the road from me in Cobourg Place. However, Bev Martin was an angel. An amazing voice that never got the limelight it deserved. I played with her a couple of times and she was one of the sexiest jazz / blues singers I’ve ever known. I always swore he copied my Watkins Copycat techniques!

John Wilde… John was a brilliant guitarist with a unique technique. In life he was a violent angry man capable of a heartfelt sensitivity when he performed. I worked for him for two years touring europe. Rock on John. Beverley is super talented and still playing. She is a beautiful woman whose career was cut short by pregnancy and Johns refusal to allow her to work. She lives in Hove. She has a website which you can subscribe to. A wise lady.

Alan Esdaile… Always got on well with John Martyn but your right about Beverley being talented, should have been a lot bigger in her own right.

Lauren Gower… Was just listening to John Martyn…spooky.

Gerry Fortsch… Nice guy, so sad.

Stevie Zee with Pete Shaw – Beach Concert Hastings – 2000

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photos © Eddie Hazell Estate . photos for sale for donation to St Michaels Hospice.

Peter Shaw…..Hey guys, that’s the indomitable Stevie Zee with me behind my ’68 Ludwig…bass was I think occupied by Sir Colin Gibson…but it could’ve been Meister Terry Pack! Stevie, Colin and I performed at an internet televised gig from a London club after Colin and I took part in a rather delicious up market meal!  Great energy from The Zee!!

Phil Gill….Stevie Zee with Peter James Shaw on drums and me on bass.I remember Sambalanco had consumed all the hospitality beer by the time we got off stage

Ralph Town…..Stevie zee…really great guitarist.He used to have a second hand music store in Claremont,just down from the keyboards place

Pete Shaw….Aha, sorry Phil Gill, elements of my memory fail me! But, I do remember that Stevie Zee often used a face, so well known to us, of Bruce Forsythe in pain whilst cracking out searing guitar solos in one of those chords and keys that he knew…!! But, again, I did enjoy the gigs!!

Terry Pack….I played with Stevie for most of 1999. We did a lot of gigs up north with Chris Sharley on drums, including Burnley Blues Festival. My last gig was The Black Horse Festival that year. I think he went back to Spain…

Pete Shaw… There I am…dark glasses on sit tin’ behind my ole Ludwig at The Beach concert!

Unknown Band Name (Audio Bus?) and Members, Beach Concert Hastings

img660 img661 img662

photos © Eddie Hazell Estate . photos for sale for donation to St Michaels Hospice.

Anyone help with naming the band and the members?

Karen Sweatman…  think the male vocalist used to sing in a local band called Shine in the mid 90s? Not certain though and this looks later.

Phil Gill… Glen Hoile and Kate Rytlewski. Don’t know the drummer and can’t remember the band name.

Alan Esdaile… Were the band called Audio Bus?

Cushty – Beach Concert – around 2000

cush 1 cush 2 cush 8

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© Eddie Hazell Estate. photos for sale for donation to St Michaels Hospice.

Martin Richter….Gina?

Chris Baker…..And playing her guitar Hendrix style? Left handed guitar upside down as a right hander? (well that’s the opposite way round really, but a bit odd though

Mick Mepham…..Not only that Chris but Gina won’t give me that guitar!! I had one years ago and I should never have got rid of it but needs must. Gina uses it really well dammit!

Martin Richter… they were a good band – Gina`s great 🙂

Iain Cobby… Nice one Mr G.

Paul Smith… I was there but cant rember what year but I think its about 2000.

Colin Gibson… One of my favourite guitarists.