Six Across and Beat Syndicate – Hastings Pier 19th July 1969


Catherine Cooper… Hah ,they look so serious !

David Miller… With non-stop dancing on Sunday to The Who and Time…that’s value for 10 bob. Don’t know that I’d non-stop dance to Tommy…but maybe i would have back then.

Iain Cobby… Don’t remember Time but the Who…. did the whole of Tommy and watching John Entwistle set me off on playing bass. They say never meet your heroes; I did about a year before he passed, disappointed . After the gig my dad picked me up and we watched Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon (not Keith)

Whichwhat and Beat Syndicate – Hastings Pier 14th June 1969

Alan Esdaile… Don’t remember this band, does anyone? Apparently came from Nottingham and sound interesting…

Alan Parker… Very 60s sound, especially the keyboard. like it, where are they now? , what are they doing? wonder if thay are still playing!

Mick O’Dowd… Remember The Beat Syndicate but Whichwhat?