Hastings Beatles Day Posters supplied by Pete Prescott.

btl_day1 btl_day2 btl_day3 btl_day4

btl_day5 btl_day6 btl_day7 btl_day8

btl_day9 btl_day10 btl_day11 btl_day12

btl_day13 btl_day14 btl_day15 btl_day16


      Designs by Cliff Brooker

Pete Prescott… He is a clever lad is Cliff Brooker !

Alan Esdaile… The latest poster is great but still love no 3.

Pete Prescott… Rick Pentecost and Chris Barrett have played at every one ! Phil Gill has been to everyone but one year he didn’t play.

Phil Gill… I think you made more money that year.

Richard French… I remember Beatles Day 3, this great day. Was a great day spending it with my family and friends Barry French, Gareth Huggett, Den Wootton and Neil Cartwright.

Neil Cartwright… I remember it too, Richard. Thank you. 🙂

Pete Prescott… Great poster ! Be interesting to hear what poster is considered the best.

Ernest Ballard… I may take the long and winding road up one year. Give my love to Chris Barret please I used to play in a pop trio with him lol. We both got paid too well not to. Rock n roll bitches ha ha