Curved Air – Hastings Pier 20th Sept 1975 & from 1972 Marie Antoinette

Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, poster supplied by Mick Mepham

Phil Gill …  Well, I guess I must’ve been there. If anyone has any photos of Stallion at this gig or any other Stallion photos, we’d love to see them on our band page – especially if anyone has any photos of us supporting Marc Bolan on the Pier in 1975

Phil Thornton… Likewise ! – I do remember watching Curved Air – excellent !

Mark Sims… Good track by a very underrated band.

John Wilde… I was there. Onstage. Brilliant night!

Nick Webb… I was there yet again 🙂

Chris Giles… “Really like most of Curved Air music… Especially enjoyed gig on the pier many years ago..”

Jim Breeds… Marie Antoinette ‘ wonderful’

Terry Pack… I was there, too, I think. Remember none of it, of course!

Michael Watson… I remember going to that,Sonja the lead singer, every young chaps dream.

Carol Bolton… My other half does a great version of Back Street Luv.

Tess Foy… I was there…

Nick Webb… O I was so there( Or not if you know what I mean lol) and went to their next gig I think it was at St. Albans

Tim Moose Bruce… They played Hailsham Pavilion last night. Missed it as I was doing a gig. Hopefully they will be back again.

Iain Cobby… Just seen the amazing line up at Hailsham. What a tight band with Sonia fronting both old and new material. Prog is still alive. you must catch this band.

Glenn Piper… I was there at Hastings and I remember some of it. I roadied this gig and several (7 I think) more with Curved Air. Those were the days

Chris Meachen…  I was most definitely there & will eventually find photos to prove it!

Kev Towner… Stallion played on the same bill as Curved Air? Wow!!

Dave Weeks… Yes I remember being there too.

Wesley Magoogan… That was a great show by both bands.

Alan King… One time Curved Air bassist Tony Reeves is playing at The Royal Standard this Friday 1st December (he was in the band at the same time as Stuart Copeland).

Terry Pack… Tony also played with Greenslade and Coliseum.

Chris Stratton… I was there too! Curved Air seemed a regular booking on the pier.