Whats your favourite Kate Bush song?

About to perform at Comic Relief 1986. Photo Philip Chappell

Kate Bush her 31 UK singles from worst to best….


Clifford Rose was asking about Kate Bush best songs. What’s your favourite…

Pete Fairless…  Wuthering Heights because it came first and she was so Kate. The three from Hounds Of Love – title track, Cloudbusting and Running Up That Hill, they’re a perfect trio of Bush brilliance.

Matt Thomas… Too many to pinpoint one but do have a soft spot for ‘The man with the child in his eyes’ oh and ‘The Jig of Life’ from Hounds of Love album

Alan Esdaile… Man with the child in his eyes and cloudbusting

Phil Thornton… Big sky !

Tony Qunta… Wow, Babooshka, Sat In Your Lap

Chris Meachen… toss up between ‘man with a child in his eyes’ , and ‘moments of pleasure’

Jill Lawrence… This woman’s work is my fave oh and man with child in his eyes

Jennie Tocock… “Violin”, “Them Heavy People” and “Cloudbusting”

Eric Harmer… I liked Kate Bush City Limits best

Chris Jolly… You are the one & only NUTBUSH!

Dave Nattress… Very difficult, I guess Wuthering Heights takes some beating, but Man With The Child In His Eyes, The Hounds of Love and Running up that Hill are good – also Cloudbusting. But on reflection Wuthering Heights, out of absolutely nowhere, apparently laid down largely when she as 12. Amazing.

Chris Jolly… The Man with the child in his eyes and James and the cold gun!

Dennis Torrance… Her vocals and the musicians she and band were so haunting . The kick inside album just listen to it with headphones so good

Jeff Belton… So many, love her voice. Used to live in the next town of me back in the 1970’s. Rubber band man is a great lively one. None you can say they are bad.

Chris Pelling… This Woman’s Work – listen and weep

JillLawrence… Gets me every time!!!

Colin Fox… Saw her at London Palladium in the 1970s. Brilliant show, great singer and pianist, and her brother played guitar. One of my many favourites with Eric Clapton on guitar “And So Is Love”.

Will Cornell… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=7yeimyOsdrA Maybe this one wasn’t a “single” but it’s her best song as far as I’m concerned…..the Trio Bulgarka and David Gilmour’s guitar? Come on, get that “Rocket Man” cover off the list and put “Rocket’s Tail” on it!

Phil Thornton… excellent track – never heard it before ! ( I’m familiar with Trio Bulgarka as they were featured on one of my ‘Buddha Experience’ albums ! )

Conan Howard… oh England my lion heart