Bewildered 1988

supplied by Garry King

Garry King… So, its Dave Blackman and Paul ‘Tommy’ Thomas (Teen Beats) Grant Young on bass (Steve Kinch played on Angeline). We recorded at Pilot Sound with Clive Drew-Clifton as did so many other bands and that was where I was able to get involved with Jeff Beck which, was amazing thanks to Clive.  Short story on Bewildered, as you may have known back then I was in ‘Tiah Teek’ from Bexhill who I’m still in touch with. I then joined a band with James Bell from ‘The Breathers’ and we moved to London as one did! for a while but sadly the band just fizzled out even though we were working with ‘Peer Southern Music’ in the then famous Denmark Street. I moved back to Hastings and was shopping with my girlfriend in what was then Sainsburys in when Tommy who I had never met before came up to me and asked me if I wanted to do some songs with him and Dave, Absolutely!! Very quickly we rehearsed some songs with Steve Kinch on bass (great bass player) and entered the ‘Battle of the Bands’ at the Crypt with a bunch of new much younger cooler would-be superstars. After the show I went home only to woken at 2 in the morning by Dave and Tommy with a bottle of bubbly ‘WE WON !! So, after that we decided to make it into a band and do some shows, Steve had a big schedule with Manfred Mann and The Rubbettes at the time so we found Grant and off we went, I think we also had some involvement with Andy Cunningham at the time going up to London . I have actually been out of the UK now since 1998 when I moved to the States for music and now, I’m living in France for the last 16 years, was really saddened to hear about Dave but that’s the way he would have wanted to go and boy did he have a great sense of humour. Bewildered along with so many where one of those bands that helped me on the way to doing music and for a profession. Anyway, I think I have some other stuff that you might like with Pete Prescott as I mentioned so Ill see what I can sort out with that. All the best for now, my regards to all.

Grant Young… I played bass on the winning of the battle of the bands at The Crypt. Not my good friend Steve Kinch, I had to step in last minute as SK couldn’t make it. X

Paul Thomas… Wow, I haven’t listened to these songs in years! I was definitely channelling Fleetwood Mac when I wrote the coda to Julia, dreams unwind, loves a state of mind………. hey Gary hope you’re well. Tom

Dave Nattress… Interesting story, thanks for posting this.

Garry King… It was great to listen to these songs again and get them over to you guys. Hastings and the South Coast had so many talented musicians, bands and artists and I am sure still have. Without these people back in the day I would not be able to do what I do now. Thanks to all

Ken Copsey… I don’t know you could ever use the term ‘unknown’ in reference to Dave Blackman. In any situation, right back to school days his presence always made itself very much evident in any situation! Still wish he was with us so much but lovely to hear him again putting his heart and soul into doing what he loved the most.

Garry King… Tom, all good mate, hope you are well, great memories brother and helped me keep doing what we do. Grant, that’s right mate, shit forgot that you did the Crypt ohhhhps been a while I know but still great mems. Hope you are well