De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – Café Bar in 1972

Image from Bexhill Museum. shared from DLWP

DLWP… We’re celebrating our heritage today with this lovely picture of the Café Bar in 1972 decked out for Spring! Look at that beautiful clock… which reminds us, don’t forget that clocks go forward today!

Carol Anne… Memories my dad took us there when we moved to Bexhill many many moons ago.

Stuart Moir… The Bexhill hops were fantastic when the Storkey brothers in conjunction with others booked 60/70/80s bands to play and allowing us “Centre Page” to support them all which was great for us to meet all those stars who were so friendly, loved every minute of our time .
Paul Coleman… Looks a darn sight more cosy than it does now! The bar has no atmosphere now. That’s progress!

Bexhill Museum – Bexhill’s first fire engine – can you help?

Bexhill Museum…. Can you help? Bexhill’s original 1895 horse-drawn Merryweather fire engine is finally coming back to the town – but it needs some loving care to make it pristine perfect for another 128 years and more. Bexhill’s firefighters, supported by Bexhill Museum and Bexhill-on-Sea Town Council, are looking for your help to raise £15,000 towards an expert restoration. The Town Council has already kicked off the fund with a grant of £3,000 leaving us £12,000 to raise.

Spike and The Boys – Spike Milligan’s band – Bexhill 1942.


© Bexhill Museum via Alex Chapman

Andy Qunta… Fabulous! I used to have a book with all Spike’s Goon Show scripts, and apart from being hilarious, it was fascinating to see how much of the Bexhill area was mentioned!

Alex Chapman… I met him once when he appeared at a College do that I was attending, I nearly wet myself, the man was a genius, but unpredictable.

Geoff Peckham… Brilliant! My dad played bass regularly in the 50s with Jim Bray, who was Spike’s pianist in his Bexhill days.

Alan Pepper… Now there was a great and funny man !! Would love to be a time traveller and go back to that gig !! Not just because the refreshments were free either ha ha ! What are we gonna do now ?

Mick O’Dowd… My Mum used to hang out with a group that included Spike in Bexhill when she worked at Waghorns Garage opposite the De La Warr.

Titus Bexhill Museum


Friday 5th July 2013

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