Judges Postcards around 83/84

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Tony Wilson… Judges staff around 1983-84

Alan Esdaile… I remember passing this building many times as a kid and then saying to my parents, that I didn’t understand why they make postcards for judges, as their can’t be many judges in the country. Oh how they laughed!

Colin Bell… My cousin Linda worked there forever! never got any free postcards though

Barry French… The gentleman standing in the middle of the front row is Bernard Wolford, who was previously the Managing Director of catering equipment manufactures WM Stills. I was at Stills for six years in the 1970’s & always found him a pleasant man.

Tracy Birrell… Love this picture.

Taffy’s – last place to eat for musicians & music lovers


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin….Here is an advert that would have brought a great cheer from the Musical fraternity – bands and dj’s alike when it appear in August 1969 – how many used this food outlet during the early hours ? Perhaps it needs ” Blue Plaque” for services to the former youths of the town ! – I was almost going to say the Culinary Culture of the Town.

Robert Searle…..Really useful after gigs at Hastings area and onwards. Loved those days.

Mick Knights…..Also useful for those returning from the Sundowner

Gary Kinch…..Ahh…..remember taffys. He had a chippy in ore too. Spent many an hour chatting with him in there….Barry Baynon was his name. “Taffy,” was his dad.

Leigh Wieland-Boys…..What a blast from the past..! Stop off after a night out in either direction Sundowners, Kings or the Continental one way – Bonita’s, Scalliwags, Rennies, The Astral….to name but a few, the other!

Alan Esdaile….Fish & Chips tasted so much better in those days, was it down to eating them out of newspaper?

Leigh Wieland-Boys……out of newspaper & in the wee hours of the morning, much tastier!

Nick Prince…..ah yes, those crinkle cut chips……..

Mick O’Dowd…..What would we have done without it. Sadly Barry & Co have passed to that great chippire in the sky. R.I.P.

Peter Millington… I used to get Fish and Chips there every time The Confederates played in Eastbourne which was most weekends. Taffy was in charge until his son inherited the night life in front of the fryer. I knew him as Buddy i.e. Buddy Beynon. My waist line was severely damaged in the years between 1964 and 1967 – the Confederate years and then again between 1967 and 1975 – The SPYKE years. Happy times, RIP Taffy and Buddy and thanks for the inches!

Andre Martin… How would we have existed without food outlets such as this, another was the Beachcomber along by the pier – I think the owner was Andy feeding us into the early hours of the morning !!

Dave Nattress… Yes Taffy’s – I’ve always remembered this from being a young lad of maybe no more than 10 years old. Me and a few mates walking from Bexhill to Hastings along the seafront and stopping off inland at Taffy’s about midday. I didn’t have a few pence for a bag of chips but Taffy gave me a bag for free – I’ve always remembered such a kind gesture. He got paid back time and time again when I was a good bit older though

Alan Mitchell… If I remember correctly the reason it was closed was that, Taffy after giving fish and chips away all day on St Patricks day, slightly worst for wear left the fryer on and it burned the place out. His son Barry who took over was a fishing pal of mine.

Mick Knights… No, it was the day that Prince Charles was made Prince of Wales, the rest of the story is right though.

Mick O’Dowd…. Many a artery blocking/ cholestral busting bags of fish & chips have I consumed. There was also a milk machine at the end of Bulverhythe Road which acted many a time as a lifesaver when dehydrated.

David Kenny Sussex Ltd Bexhill Road – caravans.

remember him at Combe Haven?

Phil Gill… He wasn’t living in a caravan when I went to college with his daughter Clare. They lived in Westfield Place by then and he drove a Jensen Interceptor.

Martin Richter… how much?

Andy Knight… I worked hard as a bottle boy so he could buy the DK1 plate for the car

Moya Wilson… My Dad. Andy, it was DK 50

Andy Knight… Don’t get me wrong Moya I enjoyed every minute and met some interesting people, including Ken!!

Colin Jefferys…. I doubt he actually lived in a caravan

Moya Wilson… He did actually