De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – Café Bar in 1972

Image from Bexhill Museum. shared from DLWP

DLWP… We’re celebrating our heritage today with this lovely picture of the Café Bar in 1972 decked out for Spring! Look at that beautiful clock… which reminds us, don’t forget that clocks go forward today!

Carol Anne… Memories my dad took us there when we moved to Bexhill many many moons ago.

Stuart Moir… The Bexhill hops were fantastic when the Storkey brothers in conjunction with others booked 60/70/80s bands to play and allowing us “Centre Page” to support them all which was great for us to meet all those stars who were so friendly, loved every minute of our time .
Paul Coleman… Looks a darn sight more cosy than it does now! The bar has no atmosphere now. That’s progress!

Trams and Trolleybuses in Hastings, St Leonards, Bexhill. Robert J Harley book 1905-1959

Supplied by Peter Ellingworth. All images © Robert J Harley


Roger Simmonds… Loved the old trolley buses!

Peter Ellingworth… I would strongly recommend Robert Harley’s book, it has an absolute wealth of detail and certainly filled me in on a lot – I bought mine while at the East Anglia Transport Museum just outside Lowestoft, on a day incidentally when Hastings T-Bus no.34, the last one to run in Hastings under its own power on June 1st 1959, was working. I would, if you don’t want to buy the book outright, as like a lot of these publications they mainly cater to a niche market for sad anoraks like me and are not cheap, Hastings Library may well have a copy or can obtain one through the inter-library request service for a small fee. Re. The photos : the last two were taken a couple of weeks before the end, and the one with Happy Harold on an enthusiasts’ tour in 1958. I believe in latter years the High St. was made traffic signal controlled one way working for buses, such as when this particular photo was taken. At the top of the High Street is I think, at least it still was the last time I passed that way, the one remaining street traction pole still used for a street light that used to support the overhead wiring going back to tramway days complete with finial. The other two are in the grounds of Silverhill depot, and are visible from the road. And a number of wall mounted rosettes to carry the span wire that supported the running wires are still around the town. Again these date from Tramway days. Many thanks for an excellent coffee meet Alan, good to see such a well supported turn out and looking forward to the next.


The Confederates live recording on the TVS Home Grown 1966

The Confederates live recording on the TVS Programme – Home Grown at the De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill on 22nd March 1966.

Mike Waghorne… Is that the same program that also has Dave dee, dozy, etc on at the de-la-warr around the same era ?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Wow what a great memory to have! Loved it! Xxx

Let’s Go To The Hop – Harry R & The Jump Jets De La Warr Pavilion 5th Oct 1983


supplied by Pete Prescott

Tim Moose Bruce… Was this the band who’s singer ‘s name was Norman D Ferrys?

Phil Gill… I played bass on that gig. I think we did three of those shows and they were always fun.

Colin Fox… We also got booked for a few private parties as well. One at Herstmonceux castle, the pub in Catsfield and Kings club in Eastbourne.

Pete Prescott… We also did the Valbonne club in London with Sam Fox. P.J.Proby was there (Looking rather odd in a tartan hat with fly fishing hooks stick in it). I’ve got a photo of that night. I’ll dig it out. I had to learn 48 rock and roll songs in one week ! We then cut that down to 24 and concentrated on those. Had some fun gigs.

Stuart Moir… Loved every minute of those gigs, sang backing vocals with Colin Fox and  Chris Howard. The girl dancers and the whole stage setting was 1st class. I’d love to see the photo at the Valbonne club, covered backing vocals with Colin Chris and Dave, it was a powerful 4 voice line up

Chris Howard… Loved every minute At the Hops, we put on a great show.

Stuart Moir… Loved performing on these with Chris Howard, Colin Fox, covering backing vocals behind Dave beano Easton and Peter Prescott on lead vocals, met some of the dancing troupe at Ray’s memorial do in East Hastings Angling club, that was an eye opener, it was great to see some of the remaining guys

Catherine Ireland… We were the dancers on that show, they were great fun

Chris Howard… These were great days I loved them.

Pearl Easton… I was half my age had a lovely time dancing the night away


The Mone – 1967





all photos supplied by Lol Cooksey

Lol Cooksey… Phillip Earle(from Sidley) on drums/vocal and Dave Neale on bass guitar vocals(from St Leonards) had been in the 3-piece pop harmony group, The SHREW PEOPLE, with Paul Dove on lead guitar/vocals. With the demise of The SHREW PEOPLE and drummer Laurie Cooksey’s group, PROHIBITION in what was probably the spring of 1967, Dave, Phillip and Laurie came together to form THE MONE, with a leaning towards the heavier music popular at the time. Dave Neale was a superb and very fast bass player but with all the excitement created by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton at that time, he wanted to play lead guitar. With apparently no suitable bass players around at the time, Dave taught Phillip to play the instrument and he quickly became very proficient.
Dave was also an excellent carpenter and he built the back line speaker cabinets, his bass one was as large as a Marshall stack but all in one piece and so very heavy, with Phillip’s being about three quarters the size. The group stayed together for about 9 months but only two gigs can be recalled, one at Bexhill Drill Hall and another as support on Hastings Pier.

Andy Qunta… Wish I had seen them! I think I would have liked them! Also, by co-incidence I had one of those WEM Sapphire guitars at that time!

Geoff Peckham… I missed them too. Although Philip Earl became Factory’s first manager. He left shortly after being involved in our van crash following a gig in Lewes.

Mick O’Dowd… I remember Prohibition who played at Rodeo 67 at Bexhill’s Polegrove with Deep Purple and Suspect but I don’t recall The Mone so it comes as a surprise to see them now. Were they short-lived or who did they then morph into?

Tony Qunta… Great photos! Lol already with the double bass drum kit! Nice amplification too! That WEM Sapphire looks very like a Burns! had forgotten about Philip Earle managing us.

Andy Qunta… Yes, I remember Philip managing Factory. As to the WEM & Burns, Tone – I remembered having a Burns Baldwin electric 12- string, but didn’t remember I had a WEM Sapphire 12 before that, until I saw the early Factory pics! They do look very similar!

Dave Nattress… Did Dave Neale play in a band from Bexhill called The Spirits. Mid 60′s? For many years the tag “The Spirits” was to be seen painted on the brick wall of the old Down Primary School – now King Offa – a really early example of band grafitti!!

Phillip Earle… The Mone was indeed short lived. Each member going it’s own way. For me I gave up playing bass guitar and stopped doing anything for a number of years. I returned to playing drums again at the age of 50 playing in various bands until I moved North after my heart bypass. I am now happily retired and often toy with picking up the sticks again.

Jan Warren… Probably saw them at the Drill Hall, went to lots of gigs there in the late 60s/early 70s.

Petrol/fuel filling stations. Anyone recall when their car was last filled by an attendant and where? asks Dave Nattress

Dave Nattress… We all used to have our vehicles filled by attendants, then increasingly fuel stations became serve yourself, but can you, and SMART readers recall when they were last “attended to” in this way, and if so, when and where was the filling station.  I’ve used a mass of filling stations for a long, long time, but I actually can’t recall the answer to my own question.

Alan Esdaile… I remember some used to clean your front windows as well and always polite.

Dave Nattress… Indeed, the fuel station attendants used to wipe your windscreen even ask about checking tyre pressures and oil.  But, “progress” has stopped all of that.  Also, there are very few petrol stations compared with years ago.  Take the A21 for instance – a good few have gone.

Dave Weeks… Gran Canaria last March

Tim Moose Bruce… Smith and Humpheries in Sidley still do attended fuel.

Lyn Humphrey… I might be wrong here, but I believe the last time my car was filled up and had all the checks done, was in the States, sometime in the 1980s. An attendant rushed out and began cleaning my windscreen almost before I’d stopped! Never had that happen before.

Pat Sleet… Western Road St Leonard’s circa 1990

David Edwards… Certainly common in Spain but Guestling Garage up till 20 odd years ago by a really helpful Welsh fella.

Mike Vawdrey… A filling station on the outskirts of Alsager, South Cheshire just a month or two ago. Still there and still attended service when I drove past the other week having (shame on me ) filled up at Asda…

Dave Nattress… Dave Weeks…are you “The Dave Weeks” used to work in the Cont. a million years ago? Used to play guitar? u used to be in there a lot with various mates and girlfriends – well only one at any one time I mean! If so, good to meet you again, if not apologies….

Dave Weeks… Yes Dave Natress . 1600E too. Still around and still enjoying playing. I trust all is well with you.

Wendy Weaver… In Wareham about 3 years ago.

Barry Newton… Just outside Barcelona about five months ago

Ernest Ballard…  Near St Austell Cornwall 4 years ago by an old man owning an independent garage. His sweet counter stank of parafin too inside and was like going back in timeif you didn’t let him fill the tank up full he wouldn’t serve you at all for wasting his time ha ha

Dave Nattress… Well Mr Weeks – delayed reaction from me as usual, great to make your acquaintance again – sort of – via this website…how did you remember the 1600E!! I was some mug to flog it. I got a company car and my old man was moaning on about me having the 2 cars so I bowed to pressure and sold it.  Duh!!!!   And the company car was a Fiat 131 Mirafiori that Graham Hill used to advertise on TV.  Anyway, I hope you are well and maybe bump into you some time.  The Cont. – a long, long time ago!!

Leigh Weiland-Boys… Along the ridge when it was 37p a gallon!!!

Pauline Richards… If only!!

Dawn Campbell… hi, I remember there was a couple in Hastings. I was with my dad, either in his Vauxhall victor – which by the way was a two tone lilac colour – yuk now, but I loved it then or his vauxhall avenger which was a mint green – what weird taste he had 🙂
Anyway, we used to go to the station either in Queen’s Road, or the one in Ore village – must have been between 1968 and 1978. They were called filling stations back then – good memories

Cliff Richard outside the De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill in 1960

photo © Martin Ballard. Bexhill Old Photos and History

Pete Fisher… Could be 9th October 1960. According to listings he also played the Bexhill Regal on 30 October 1960. This may have been the programme for the De La Warr, coincidentally printed in Hastings……/bradf…/albums/72157663388489930

Lynn Williams… I saw Cliff at the De La Warr in the 60s

Marilyn Spence… Whoo Whoo I went to that concert with my 13th year old sister and 14 year old school friend I was 14. My first ever pop idol also my first ever concert. His single A Voice in the wilderness the first 45rpm I ever bought of many. My sister and i saw him again in Melbourne at a concert after emigrating to Australia a few years later

Lyn Humphrey… I never knew Cliff came to Bexhill. Mind you, I didn’t arrive in Bexhill myself until 1964.

Carol Tree… I saw him at ABC Hastings twice in the 60’s plus many times since