Birds Music Bexhill special offers 1977

Martin Richter… gotta love some *overload* and *heavy duty* …?

Tim Moose Bruce… Is that when Tony’s dad was running it? He used to build organs, which must have been valve circuitry.

Alan Vale… I had several 100’s of £££ in cash and he refused to sell me an orange hustler, he later sold to a very good friend of mine for £50 years later. So I refuse to deal with him. What sort of bussiness is that???

Gerry Fortsch… Always got a good deal from Tony.

David Blundell… I used to go in to buy a plectrum and I’d come out with an effects pedal I never knew I needed!

Gez Donnelly…. I went in for a pick and come out with a pick and a set of drumsticks

Chris Jolly… That ole chestnut!

David Blundell… All true Chris – I was a gullible teenager and easy prey for master salesman Tony Bird!

Mike Waghorne… I brought a fender twin reverb of off Tony in the mid to late 70’s part exchanged for a HH 100w with a 2/12 cab

Pete Fisher…Marshall with overload sounds great… that logo looks like a job for your 335 Phil Gill.

Ralph Town… At those prices,I,m in…who do I call…OH! I see…..

Conan Howard… I would like 5 of those Marshall amps please.. right now



H.S. Bird 58 Sackville Road Bexhill 1965

Supplied by Tony Bird

Brian Lowe… I wanted a new drum kit in those days

Geoff Peckham… I remember the shop and Mr Bird very well. I bought a set of black bass strings here and a small tortoiseshell plectrum which lasted for years. This was around ’67/68, so goodness knows why I still remember such details….

Phil Thornton… I saw my first Mellotron in that shop….. I was not allowed to touch it.

Jan Warren… Its still there, but recently under new management, Tony retired near the end of last year!!

Phil Thornton… the shop in the pic was further down Sackville rd on the other side ( it was also a post office !)

Tony Bird… it was only ever a post office in the music shop at number 58 Sackville Road but when I opened it in October 75 it was only ever a music shop which became birds music centre

Chris Jolly… It’s called Replay Music and the owner is Dave!

Tony Bird… This was at 9 Sackville Road Bexhill

Chris Cozens… Bought my first sheet music there and taught myself to play piano. Thanks Tony.

Ernest Ballard… I remember walking with Dave Wood to the shop talking of Tony Bird. My 5 year old daughter holding my hand hearing us speak pointed and said. “ look dad there it is a tiny bird “. She was pointing at a sparrow. We laughed so much never saw the shop the same again. But yes it was a great shop

Mike Waghorne… This was when Tony’s dad ran the shop ,was it not a post office as well ?