Long John Baldry – Langton Hall Battle 6th October 1973

photo 1972

cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Wood… Wish we could have a time machine,L J B in Battle, crickey

Terry Tollan… Played there about 1977/78 mind your head everyone

Linda Day… He was my daughters husbands cousin

Dave Platt… Back in the day, is it that long ago went to that gig.

Tony Court-holmes… remember having to run for the bus to home at 11pm

Pauline Macey… Derek used to go there. Long John Baldy was one of my favourites, saw him few years ago in St Mary in Castle. X


Ultimate Alternative 2009 supplied by Andy Gunton

Supplied by Andy Gunton

Andy Gunton… Bloody hell, these take me back! Both issues were commemorating the sad loss of valued members of the local music community, who are still very much missed today. Dave Blackman & John Shotton 😢 The Ultimate Alternative is also still missed by many. Found them while searching for something else.

Mike Mitchell… Ah good old Dave Blackman. Mandy and I were just reminiscing about a trip with him to Rotterdam to see David Bowie on the Let’s Dance Tour back in ’83. A three day trip but only one night in a hotel, the rest on a coach listening to nothing but Bowie! Good times

Jo Avery… Andy, loved the Ultimate Guide. We used to plan our social life around this on a monthly basis!

Andy Gunton… Jo, I think many did exactly the same thing. It was indispensable at the time

Graham Belchamber… It was a great publication. Helped me choose to see do many bands and visit various drinking establishments when I first moved to Hastings

Did Paul Simon play The Black Horse at Telham? asks Barry Taylor

paul simon

Barry Taylor… did Paul Simon play the Black Horse At Telham does anyone know?

Stuart Huggett… He may well have, he certainly appeared to have played The New Inn in Sidley during his mid 60s troubadour days. Also the De La Warr folk festival date August 30th 1965 with: Shirley Collins, Ian Russell, Rob Edwards and Ralph Hay”.

Andy Gunton… That’s got to be worth a piece in The Stinger hasn’t it Stu? 😉

Stuart Huggett… Only the 50th anniversary this year, eh?

Alan Esdaile… Maybe a bit early Andy but might be worth going through the Bexhill phone book to see if you can find a Mrs Robinson!

Stuart Huggett… Sidley Ways To Leave Your Lover.

Andy Gunton… You Can Call Me Al(an).  If anyone has any memories of Paul Simon’s gigs at the De La Warr, or New Inn please let me or Stu know. We’re going to put together something for a future issue of The Stinger about his visit to our area. Any links etc gratefully received

Alan Esdaile… I remember Art Garfunkel being in Hastings in the 70’s. He came in Stylus Records and I sold him an album which I think was Its A Beautiful Day. He was down here to work in the studio with John Martyn.

Andy Gunton… That would make a nice little postscript Alan & I remember you telling me about that before

Alan Pepper…. Loves me like a (white) rock !

Alan Esdaile… you guys are still crazy after all these years.

Jim Breeds… Do you know if any collaboration between Martyn & Garfunkel saw the light of day?

Bob Bailey… Not that I can remember

Alan Esdaile… can’t confirm what they were working on or if any records were released together. However, often due to being on different labels and contract restrictions, some people were not credited.

Jim Breeds… Good point Alan, or credited to a fictional name like Hari Georgeson 🙂

Black Horse Music Festival 1998


supplied by Phil Little Music Files http://www.littledrum.co.uk

Jim Breeds… Wilko! Oysterband! Let’s hope Wilko is now on the road to recovery too, following his operation.

Trish N Kevin Sherwood… A very good Friday night as i remember.

Geoff Peckham… I was there on the Sunday, playing with my Cajun band, the MudBugs. A great crowd as I remember, and a fine, well organised festival. Here’s a sideways look at some of our old publicity.


supplied by Geoff Peckham

Paul Dengate… A particularly good line up. I was on the monitor desk all weekend.

Neil Cartwright… I can’t remember who I played with that weekend, but the thing I remember most is that Wilko Johnson needed a curly lead. Paul Dengate knew that I sometimes used one, so he asked me if Wilko could borrow mine. Thus, I got it from my bag and lent it to him. With great pride, then, I am able to say that the Great Man machine-gunned his way through the Black Horse 98 gig using my curly lead.