Blue Bayou – Country & Western Bexhill group

supplied by John Gale

John Gale… Dad, Tony Gale, had a small spell drumming for a bit of country, with Bexhill outfit Blue Bayou, wasn’t his favourite spell, don’t think he liked squeezing into the pink leggings

Mick O’Dowd…This is a name i’d forgotten. Played with them (DJ) many times and they were a friendly group, regulars at Pebbles when I was there. Competent band.

Jan Warren… I was at School with Carol (Shoesmith), my Mum and Dad liked Blue Bayou

Phil Gill… So he didn’t go back someday, come what may, to Blue Bayou?

Dave Nattress… Blue Bayou were quite a name band around the Bexhill area late 60’s early 70’s. Did see them. I remember Carol Shoesmith from school maybe a couple of years above my year. Her Sister Linda was one of the “babes” of the year I was in all the way from from the age of 7 to 16 and later had a fashion shop – boutique (they were called) in Western Bexhill. I think Blue Bayou must have played on for some years.