Boating Lake Old Town Hastings – late 50s

Alan Esdaile… Me and my sister Susan and Dad, early 60’s.

Jane Hartley… My dad used to take me on those boats too

Harry Randall… Spent many a day Patrolling lake with my brothers who worked there ! Number 36 come in your time is up! Also towing them

Jenny Power… The boating lake was so much bigger then as well

Jane Collins… I remember those days! My dad took me all the time

Jacqueline Marsh… Lovely memories playing there and if I remember rightly it was very shallow. In the very big shed at the end I remember seeing a huge whale that was on tour being displayed. Wonders of the deep.

Lloyd Johnson… just how I remember it!…

Sheila Maile… Never see those swans being used

Colin Bell… Reminds me of being on there with my Dad too, very happy days

Nicola Dobson… I’ve got one of my dad and me on one too

Dennis Torrance… The boating lake was huge then I remember with my mates early sixties walking on the ice and It cracking it broke and felt the freezing water lol

Pauline Sims… Good times!

Pete Brazier… Come in number 36 your time is up!”

Mick O’Dowd… Great stuff. Remember it well. Only one speed. SLOW!

Harry Randall… Mick, we used to tweek the patrol boats to go faster

Mick O’Dowd… What to! 2mph!

Ian Robertson… Harry, I worked on the control boat some summers. Great fun

Pete Houghton… Good times!

Graham Sherrington… I can smell the fumes from here what great memories!!



Boating Lake boats – Old Town Hastings

Lloyd Johnson… What I had in those boats in the 1950s..

Wendy Brewster… I remember those days

Lynda Whatley… That takes me back ‘n so much fun my cousin Val and I had as kids

Helena Kingshott… Me to x

Tony Court-holmes… when it was the proper size i wonder how long we will still have it

Ray Barry… Remember them well particularly the patrol boat which was the fastest, I wanted thar job !!

Mike Rawlinson… Loved them

Pete Grange… Good to see we used to go on them a lot

Graham Mccallion… The good old days

Mike Waghorne… Looks a lot bigger than I can remember it was

Dennis Torrance… Great times indeed loved them boats

Derek Bowdler… Worked there with Wally the mechanic

Shaun Patrick Ogrady… Nice boats crap ones they got now

Nicola Dobson… Loved them and the lake was much larger then

Mick O’Dowd… So many times . So many memories!

Alan Esdaile… Does anyone remember imaged decorated lights (may have been animal shapes?) shone out at night at the back of the boating lake?

Gary Knight… Yes.

Terry Tollan… I worked on this lake in the summer holidays and weekends !!!!

Daryl Burchmore… These boats for a while, ended up at the White Rock playground for kids to jump around in

Adrian Sooty Lily Hennings… Brings back memory’s does Hastings

John Randall… One of the places we three brothers had worked. I once went on a day off to be driven round in the patrol boat only to find myself drowning as they pushed me out and my no doubt fashionable jacket filled with water and dragged me under. No waiting boats are waiting for you,12 glorious minutes as Oscar called out

Dominic Rumsey… Original boating lake was pedalos on the park lake. That was in the 1950s