The Rokes with Paul Anka – Olympia Paris

Supplied by Bobby Posner

Bobby Posner… Playing my old white Framus bass.

Tim Street… Such a cool photo Bob …. I hope your well my friend. Timbo.

Barry French… Great photo!! Have happy memories of travelling to gigs with Bob & listening about his days with the Rokes, the venues he played at & the amazing people he met (Such a smooth Bass Player !!!)

More Grundy photos supplied by Bobby Posner

supplied by Bobby Posner

Tim Street… Blimey! It only seems like yesterday …. Only problem is I just turned 58!

Diane Knight… I remember them rehearsing at the Black Horse on a Sunday lunchtime!!!

Andy Davies… My cousins Clive and his late brother Nigel !

Barry French… A great photo of local legends Grundy, with the much missed Nigel looking at his coolest.