The Clash – Hastings Pier 12th January 1980





ticket supplied by Robert Wren,  ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, backstage pass supplied by Pete Fairless badge supplied by Phil Meston, photo: The Clash in Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway Helge Øverås, 21 May 1980

Mark Gilham… This show was put on by our old manager John Curd

Andy Baldock…..saw the gig in 1980. Also saw them at Brighton Top Rank either the next night or night after that.Saw some fab bands at the old Top Rank……..

Phil Meston… I saw the Clash on the pier in 1980. Another souvenir from the Clash’s 1980 gig on The Pier, the badge above.

Cheryl White… This must have been one of the first outings for ‘London Calling’. Anyone remember the set list?

David Stevens… The first outings for songs from London Calling were three gigs in London during July 1979, followed by a festival appearance in Finland and a North American tour in the Autumn. On the 12th Jan 1980 my memory has them opening with London Calling, but looking at the available set lists from around that date they all go Clash City Rockers, Brand New Cadillac, Safe European Home, Jimmy Jazz, London Calling and then some variation.

Peter Fairless… Sadly, too many of those brain cells are long departed. I can tell you they played it but I couldnt tell you where in the set it was!

Chris Giles… Missed all of these …too busy being a mum.

Mark Parsons… I was at this gig and still have my ticket stub which Topper autographed for me. I have this memory of Joe Strummer announcing that this was the first live performance of London Calling but the album came out in 1979 and they must of played it before. However it was a great gig and if memory serves they kicked the set of with Clash City Rockers.


Ian Wilson… Mark, did The Bodysnatchers play that night?

Mark Parsons… Hi Ian. I don’t remember the Bodysnatchers but definitely remember the Slits playing.

Ken Copsey… Before starting at the 77 gig Joe Strummer announced ” this ones a seaside special… Hastings is burning!” Bang we was off! Didn’t stay at the front for very long as complete pogoing mayhem ensued and thought 15 year old me might get trampled.This was one of the most memorable gigs I’ve attended. Definitely the right place to be for a 15 year old in 1977. Funny how history is revised but I can remember London Calling not being that highly regarded when it came out, being redolent of the Clashes slide towards American stadium sell out status.

Wesley Magoogan… In 1981, we ‘The Beat’ were their special guests on a mammoth USA and other countries tour. The Clash were brilliant as a band and drinking buddies.

Steve Chantel… I was there .., f*cking brilliant live band

Daryl Perkins… Remember that.

Jacquie Ballard… I was there

Pete Houghton… What a great night met them after the concert and they signed my single for me

Theresa Kiff… I was there.

Paul Suggitt… Great gig!

Martin Curcher… It was a good night and still have Paul Siminon’s Bass pick.

Kev Ling… I remember it being a great night though specifics are a little hazy forty odd years on – remember being at the front thinking how incredibly tall Mick and Paul looked either side of Joe, remember the baseball (?) shirt stage attire and I still have a Topper Headon drumstick at home somewhere