Who remembers this toilet roll?

supplied by Andrew Clifton

Andrew Clifton… Who remembers this bog roll?

Joe Knight… Smooth & ruff

Dennis Torrance… Bloody nightmare thanks won’t be using that again schools days

James Turner… It only pushed it about was not kind to the nether regions at all.

Jeff Belton… I do, didn’t use it, but came useful for tracing paper lol.

Glenn Piper… Unfortunately, yes, I do remember these

Jacqueline Marsh… Ouch yes I do!!

Aileen Mathieson… Tracing paper! Vey rough all it is good for lol!

Peter Brazier… Still got the Blooming scratches after 40 odd years! Devils Work That Stuff! Burn It! Burn It I Say!😂😂😂

Chris Jolly… IZAL The POINTLESS, USELESS, last resort paper..

Mark Gilham…  Invented by a major in the Boer War if I remember rightly..

Eric Harmer… Not Major Bumsore ?

Michael Wilson… A piece of Izal and a comb made a great homemade Kazoo when you were seven

Chris Meachen… Arse polish: totally evil stuff & completely useless..

Ernest Ballard… Ha ha

Terry Har… Tracing paper

Barry Newton… I prefered the Daily Mirror, lol

Judie Struys… We had that at school AND at home. But I did live in Essex.

Mark Randall… You had toilets?!!

Jeanette Jones… Some things are really just best forgotten!

Dave Nattress… Great fun reading this one – Major Bumsore, a real smiler that!! Just what is it about bottoms/nether regions/toilet related things/foul and fruit-some flappy woof woofs, (courtesy Blackadder) poo poo’s and all those things that to us immature guys, (I’m only 64, mental age still 8), so funny. Toilet humour. Even the toilet graffiti artists of old used to put up some funny stuff. Good reading and all that. And the kazoo – dead right. Not much hair now, not needed a comb for years.

Pete Prescott…  Holy smear Batman. Who the he’ll thought this was the best paper to use ??? When we had the first roll of soft paper it was heaven ! Tracing paper. Yes ! Used it for that !

Pete Millington… It polishes rather than removes – yuk