Colin Bell at Bonitas Discotheque and promotion photo – 1970’s


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supplied by Colin Bell

Caz Simpson… Daniel still thinks cauliflower is colinsflower! I love these Alan, hoping to see him soon for lunch and your invited! x

James Turner… I was a doorman there in the 70’s

Yvonne Cleland… I  remember you knocking around with him in the 70s, Alan!

Alan Esdaile.. Yes I worked for him and remember buying my first disco gear from Colin. As well as introducing me to some great records and contacts, he also let me take over his record review column in the Hastings Observer. So blame him!

Mick O’Dowd… You kept the seat warm for me Colin! Nice to meet up with you again at The Meet Colin. These pics take me back to the chicken & cockroaches sorry chips in a basket! The hours we must have spent shut in that booth on our various stints. Good times though!

Jane Hartley… That’s how I remember him, when I first started going to Bonitas! Not forgetting the chicken in the basket!