The ‘Expedient Brass Band’ and the ‘Indiana Jazz Orchestra’ supplied by Brian Hills

Brian Hills… here are some pics from early days in/around Hastings. The ‘Expedient Brass Band’ and the ‘Indiana Jazz Orchestra’ with Jane Griffiths doing the vocals. Trevor Richards leads his own New Orleans Trio for some time now. And that is me on saxophone.

Geoff Peckham… Fantastic! Any idea what year(s) these may have been?

Alan Esdaile… In the street photo, looks like the shop is called SMART!

Geoff Peckham… Yay! That should be your new front page, Alan!

Brian Hills… Here is an audio file MP3 of Indiana Orch. playing Tuxedo Rag – 1965’ish

The Original Mojo Rhythm Kings – 1960’s

Supplied by Brian Hills

Brian Hills… some pics of the Original Mojo Rhythm Kings, (‘Mojo’ because we played the Lovie Austin Blues Serenaders ‘Mojo Blues’ as our signature tune! personnel is Pete Kitcher – tpt, Vic Goede – tbn, Brian Hills – clt, Max Nye – bjo/gtr and Chris Dyson – dms. No date but 60’s

Jonathan Goad… Hi! Love these pictures. I’m one of Vic Goad’s (on trombone) sons. My dad passed away almost 20 years ago. Gone far to soon. He loved music and all the arts until his end. He was a gifted, natural musician, a talented visual artist, and an excellent actor/director. The dog my mum adopted after my dad’s passing (a rescued dog) was named Mojo.

Diane Lace… Hi, your dad was the loveliest man. I remember him so well. I was married to the trumpet player Peter Kitcher. I remember the group so well. Vic often came to our house. Happy days.

John Kitcher… My dad on trumpet Pete Kitcher