The Rebels – Florida Rooms/Starlight Rooms & New Barn Brighton mid 60’s

cuttings and photo  © Peter Alland

Peter Alland… The ‘REBELS’ played several times at the Florida Rooms in 65-66 with their first visit on Easter Sunday 1965 where the ‘WHO’ had headlined the night before with huge crowds that were still around for our gig which numbered at least 1,000+ and created an electrifying atmosphere(great memories). I have no photo’s for that occasion but here is a copy of a poster advertising another of the times we played there. We also played at the Starlight Rooms see photo with L-R Mick Nixon (bass guitar) Pete Alland (lead vocals) Colin Norton (drums) Rob Vynall (lead guitar) & Nigel Willis (harmonica)-this set up was probably the best R&B sound we had particularly with Nigel’s  brilliant harps playing. The New Barn was another great venue where we played on a number of occasions (see poster).

Colin Norton… Thanks for posting this, Alan! Colorized version of the photo above.

Alan Esdaile… looks good in colour but your can’t beat the black and white image.

Stuart Moir… Harmonica player had to be good or he would have been on half pay, I should have taken up an instrument other than drums with all those cases and hardware .

Stan Malandain… Great picture of me mate Mick Nixon.

Quadrophenia Film 14th September 1979 – Hastings misses out on court scene.


John Storer……Around 1978, a film production company rang Hastings Magistrates Court office and asked if they could use the court for a film they were making. Our boss agreed and several production assistants arrived to check the place out. They were dismayed to find a big concrete block of a court and told us it was not suitable. We asked what the subject of the film was and were told that they were making a film of the Who’s “Quadrophenia” and needed an old-fashioned courtroom for a scene after the riots. The boss was sympathetic (he’d actually clerked the special court that dealt with everyone arrested from the fighting) and sent them along to Lewes Magistrates Court. It was that court that was used for the courtroom scenes in the film.

Alan Esdaile… Andre, did I read somewhere that Lloyd was involved in supplying some of the clothes for the film?

Andre Martin… That is correct, amongst others he made the suits for Sting.

Janet Rennie… Love this film

Pete Fisher… love the film, but was disappointed that they didn’t use the original album tracks for the soundtrack – as far as I know all the music was re-recorded for the film, and in my opinion didn’t sound half as good…

Jan Warren… One of my all-time favourite films, love it!! 🙂

Robert Wren… Two local lads were extras in Quadrophenia, Ray Bowles and myself. I’m on the scooter with the L plate and Ray is on the white one next to me. Great fun and good money. Blink and you will miss us


supplied by Robert Wren

Paul Chapman… Brilliant.! I love this film. When it came out. I watched it at the cinema back to back. You could in those days, stay in the cinema and watch it when it came back on.. the film is a classic

Fokker Triplane – The New Regent, Brighton. 3rd Oct 1982

img712 img713

img715 img716


supplied by Lol Cooksey

Lol Cooksey, Terry Corder, Gary Broughton, Dick Parkhouse.

Yvonne Cleland… That’s TC!

Phil Gill… I know two of the Fokkers.

Phil Thornton… so do I ….

Tim Moose Bruce… saw them on the pier. they were support act for Budgie 1981 or 1982

Will Cornell… Can’t read the other bass drumhead…if it says “Mutha” I’m afraid he’s either set them up backwards or he got his gear mixed up with that belonging to a hardcore hiphop/rap act……

Tony Court-holmes… lol with hair

Linda Day… I was in same class at school as Terence Corder.

Mick O’Dowd… He became a teacher I believe Linda

Stephen Winterbottom… I was in a couple of bands with Gary back in the day and I’ve been trying to track him down and get in contact… Anyone know if he is still in the Bexhill/Hastings area?
If anyone has contact info for him it would be awesome!!

Alan Esdaile… Happy to pass on any information to Steve.

Ernest Ballard… Ah Gary Broughton. Remember gigging with him n Dave.

Stephen Winterbottom… still trying to track down Gary Broughton… seems to have vanished ….


Who remembers Virgin Records shop in Brighton around 1973?


Martin Richter… really ? i remember Virgin being a small shop in queen’s road in the 80’s – i shared a flat with the manager

Martyn Baker… Yes I do remember going there around then. I was at Hastings Grammar school in those days, and I loved the relaxed easy-going atmosphere of Virgin Records – in fact the whole of Brighton town centre! I moved there from Hastings when I was 22. Never looked back, although I still have many friends and fond memories of Hastings.

Michael Gibbs… It was in an old bank building where Boots is now. You could sit on bean bags and listen to albums on headphones

Jim Breeds… Yes, I went there a few times. Went to Brighton by train sometimes to browse the Brighton shops and the Lanes. You could just drop in to Virgin and doss on the mattresses and scattered cushions that took up much of the floor space, while listening to whatever was on the hifi, if I remember correctly. Lots of, errrr, joss stick smoke in the air!

Shaun Pont… I remember buying Hawkwind’s In Search of Space in the Queens Road shop in 1978.

Reid McDuffie… Martin, I remember the smaller shop in the later 70s as well. Maybe there were two?

Michael Gibbs… It was in an old bank building where Boots is now. You could sit on bean bags and listen to albums on headphones

Jim Breeds… Yes, I went there a few times. Went to Brighton by train sometimes to browse the Brighton shops and the Lanes. You could just drop in to Virgin and doss on the mattresses and scattered cushions that took up much of the floor space, while listening to whatever was on the hifi, if I remember correctly. Lots of, errrr, joss stick smoke in the air!

Chris Meachen… I remember headphones hanging from the ceiling & giant floor cushions, possibly also the smell of dope smoke…

Mick Knights… I queued outside in the freezing cold for three hours to buy Led Zeppelin tickets. In spite of queue jumpers I was only a couple of spaces from the door when they sold out!

The Beatles – Hippodrome Brighton

supplied by Caz Simpson

Caz Simpson… I went to see the Beatles in Brighton when I was 15, many years on I contacted the Argus to see if they still had the photos of me in a mess. They did, my father never spoke to me for ages because I made the news… Ho hum. Very fuzzy as copied from micro file. I made the same page as the Beatles! Oh and that’s silly me on the left. I didn’t stop for breath! I so wanted to marry Paul.

Patricia Landamore… Oh dear Caz 🙂 I did see them in Brighton, xx

Caz Simpson… So why didn’t they photograph you? You were much prettier! My dad burned the paper, he was furious.

Lloyd Johnson… A whole bunch of us from The Pamdor went to see The Beatles at The Brighton Hippodrome. It was The Roy Orbison Tour and Roy Orbison conceded top of the bill to The Beatles the evening we saw them.i.e. he came on before them because he said the theatre would be empty once they had played their set as all the kids would rush around to the stage door to see them off in their tour coach, which is exactly what  Helena Kingshott, Lexley Thewenetti and I did. the coach was pulling away by the time we got to the back of the theatre and The Beatles were pulling funny faces and waving at us..a great night ..cherished memories….I was a deck chair attendant at the time and I didn’t collect all the deckchairs up from the beach that afternoon/ early evening as I didn’t want to miss the coach Les Martin who helped run The Pamdor had organised for The Roy Orbison/The Beatles show. the next day I got called into the Deck chair managers office under the promenade at Warrior Square . He said I had the sack because 84 deck chairs had floated out to sea….

Helena Kingshott… What a brilliant discription of a fantastic time. Thank you Lloyd for this reminder

Salvation Sunday – mp3’s update from Martyn Baker

Martyn Baker… I’ve had a few enquiries about our 1980’s Bexhill/Brighton band, so here are ALL of the recordings. Feel free to download – or ignore of course! Comments welcome – even if you think we were shit.

Redstar Richter… thanks – they were a great band 🙂

Andy C… Thank you, Martyn, and the rest of the band. I loved several live performances in 1987, and knew there must be more recordings than had seen the light of day. Great music, such a shame it didn’t get further. It took years to even find a copy of Cold Grey Eyes, but there’s a whole wealth of treasure here! Thank you so much for sharing! Andy

John Wilde… Yep, fond memories of a great band. Where are you all now?

Julian Wells… Thanks very much for sharing the content. It gives me a warm feeling to hear these songs again minus the crackle & pop of my vinyl copies. I noticed that “Not in Chains” isn’t included which was one of my faves!

Rod Stewart appearance in Sussex in the 1960’s

supplied by Maureen Fuller

Alan Esdaile… Was this in Hastings Maureen and looks like a CND march?

Maureen Fuller… Lloyd sent me the photo sorry not sure one of the banners looks like it might be Brighton

Pete Fisher… This must be one of the Ban The Bomb marches from Aldermaston to London…(’63-’65?)…apparently Rod got arrested three times during such demos. He did however have ulterior motives – to get near the cameras and be seen, and to chat up the ladies…details here……

Lloyd Johnson… I think this is Brighton…but!…this is what Rod Stewart was wearing when Les Martin chucked him out of The Pamdor because he couldn’t afford to buy a coffee.

Gig Buddies wanted in Hastings. Can you help?

 Gig Buddies : a local project for the musically minded.

Do you love going to gigs? Do you love going to gigs for FREE? Do you love sharing music with other people?

If you answered yes to any of the above then read on because Gig Buddies is the project for you! Gig Buddies is a project which links adults who have a learning disability to a volunteer who has similar interests in music, or other events, to go out together. You can expect to go out once a month with your gig buddy for a few hours.
The project was set up as a response to seeing people with learning disabilities being denied the sort of social opportunities that many of us take for granted. For example, seeing your favourite band, hanging out with your mates and going to festivals. Can you imagine never having been to see live music? For many people who have learning disabilities this is a reality as a result of inflexible support hours and rotas. Through matching people with and without learning disabilities together the project creates important community links that may otherwise not exist.

The project was been established 4 years ago and since then has spread across the UK and even to Sydney, Australia. There is growing movement of people who understand that social opportunities shouldn’t be a privilege but a right for everyone, irrespective of ability.

Since the project has started over 90 gig buddy pairs have been created, 50 gig buddies have been supported to attend festivals – including 21 people to Glastonbury Festival and thousands of volunteering hours have been given.

However, the project still has over 120 people to match to a volunteer across Sussex and so the project co-ordinators are looking for new musically minded volunteers to join the project, especially in Hastings. Gig Buddies provides you with a days training to ensure you are fully prepared to go out and have fun with your gig buddy. They also carry out police checks, reimburse your expenses and provide support and supervisions throughout your time with them.

If you think you would like to go out and see more music or attend social events with people from your community then please apply online at or contact Harri Oliver on

Matt Thomas… Fantastic idea – no one should be denied their chance of discovering live music

Colin Norton… I agree with Matt! This is a great idea!

Lyn Humphrey… People with learning disabilities can really benefit from the Gig Buddies type of thing. And it needn’t be just to do with music; volunteers can take a person out so they can maybe follow an obscure interest that they’d otherwise never have the opportunity to experience.