who remembers Brooke Bond dividend cards stamps?

Supplied by Gerry Powell

Jan Warren… …….. and Green Shield stamps and pink stamps, used to save them all the time to get little “exras” for the home I couldn’t otherwise afford!! – I think the “loyalty cards” are now probably the modern-day version?!

Dave Nattress… I do recall the Brooke Bond stamps – like a little postage stamp complete with perforated edges I think. I guess they gum on the back so they could be stuck on the card. They were on the outside of the packet – before tea-bags? My mother collected them. Also Green shield and was it S and H Pink stamps? I remember small individual Green stamps and then I think they started doing bigger stamps maybe 10 x the value of the small ones? I think there was a Green Shield stamp place in Castle Street along from Woolies near where Argos is? Or was it in the Argos place? Sketchy memory hence all the question marks!!

Martin Richter… when Tesco stopped giving green shield stamps in favour of lower prices, green shield stamps went *to the wall* and Argos replaced them – the co-op also gave (blue) stamps – it was my job (as a lad) to stick them in the books! I also remember the cigarette (style) cards you got in a different tea that you collected in albums – happy days

Dave Nattress… Hi Martin, Yes, I thought there was maybe a Green Shield stamps and Argos connection!

Gerry Powell… I do recall the Green Shield Stamp showroom in Kingston-upon-Thames in the early 70’s became the Argos Showroom. I think I collected stamps when filling up with petrol from the Shell station near where I lived in SW20. I do know I exchanged some for a pack of cassette tapes.