Anyone remember the aviary in Alexandra Park Hastings?

Sean Fox… Yes was still there in seventies

Paul Merison… Yes. Definitely there late sixties and early seventies.

Lesley Bowles… I remember it fondly and always think of it when I walk past that area

Daryl Perkins… Def there in the 70’s

Diane Leigh… Yes

Kathy Wood… Yes, we moved here in 1973 and I remember going down there. Pets corner was great too

Peter Brazier… I think it closed in the mid to late 70’s as I remember taking photos with my first camera! I got it at the Grove school fete and jumble sale!

John Busbridge… It used to be over the stream near just past the block of toilets opposite the bandstand.

Barry French… I worked as a gardener in Alexandra Park during the early 1970s & remember the Budgerigar aviary well. Also during this time one of the lakes near the bowling green was home to a pair of Australian Black Swans.

Patrick Turner… Yes remember it well and l worked as a kid on the boating lake in my summer holidays good time come in number 9 your time is up.

Vivienne Gibb… Yes

John Mcewen… Yep. Vandalised like everything else!

Carol Arnold… Yes I do!!

Carol Acott… Yes

Tony Davis… Yes been searching for photos. If anyone has them please post

Ray Barry… Yes I do remember it on the Blacklands Church side, ducks and budgerigars is all I can remember.

Jane Collins… I remember those days! We were in the park regularly & always stopped at the aviary

Dennis Torrance… Remember the birds some were quite stunning but unfortunately it was being vandalised before the powers that be got rid of it

Chris Boorman… Pretty sure that’s my mum and brother!

Sam Rosewell… Vividly!

Allan Mitchell…Yes I remember But Was Quite Young.

Tony Court-holmes… yes my nan would take me there as a kid

Jenny Power… Yes used to take my youngsters..lived along the road.The aviary straddled the stream…

Sandie Carlyon… I do. Loved to see them

Steve Cooke… Remember it well from my very early days. Good too see a photo of my memories!

Dawn… Oh yes I do – I loved it – I went there constantly when playing in the park as a young girl – then played either table tennis, grass tennis or putting that was near by. Good times!