Butlers Famed Emporium George Street Hastings

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HAPP1066 … Another photo from my Frank’s Shoebox collection. This is 1978, when you could park in George Street. Frank says about this one : “BUTLERS Emporium of ironmongery, tools, household utensils, George Street Hastings – next to the scene of a fierce fire.” Some years later, Frank added another note : “The land to the left has laid empty for years”.

Peter Houghton… I remember those days!

Graham Sherrington… All those boring photos I use to have of Hastings.. all gone such a loss from the 60’s to the 1980’s

Andy Clarke… Loved that place.

Richard J Porter… I visited a customer in Sydney Australia and he had a photograph on his desk of that shop. I had to remark on it. His name was Butler!

Jacqueline Marsh… Loved Butlers and round the corner up the high street Mitchell’s. They both had distinctive smells when you went inside

Roger Simmonds… His brother also owned a hardware shop in Bohemia Road !

Chris Wood… Absolute time capsule…. proper old school hardware shop…. We don’t got it….you don’t want it.

SinkySnap… always had the imperial size fixings, sad its gone

Peter Ellingworth… Talking of old school shops remember Lappy’s was it, push bike shop at the park end of Queen’s Rd.? Even the floor boards had a paraffin and oily smell about them as you went in the shop!
Or a bit further along the on opposite side, not far from the famed record shop, the old style wood store- my Father being a carpenter and joiner was a frequent visitor there.

Iain Cobby… Lived opposite in the mid sixties in the Burger Bar next to the Hastings Arms. Still remember the petrochemical smells as you went in. Was an amazing time to grow up. To think busses ran both ways up and down George Street!