The Cambridge, Cambridge Road, Hastings 1961

supplied by Matt Thomas

Andrew Freeman… My local in the 70’s, landlords Jim and Di. Happy memories.

Tony Court-holmes… Andrew, went to have The Railway in Kings Road

Pauline Richards… Just trying to remember the landlords name at that time! Can imagine his face but can’t bring name to mind!

Douglas Palmer… I was only 13 in 1961 so did not frequent The Cambridge, but by 1966 was a regular Monday night meeting place for Hastings 18 Plus Group. Best days of my life with those guys many whom I remain in contact with.


Sainsbury’s Cambridge Road Hastings early 70’s

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Steve Fox… Where the abc cinema used to be when I was a child.

Andrew Freeman.. My Mum used to tell the story of how Paul McCartney once got something off the top shelf for her!

Matt Thomas… Had forgotten about the separators

Huggy Leaver… Saturday morning pics , we like to laugh and have a sing song we’re minor’s of the ABC

James Turner… remember it well

Lloyd Johnson… The Ritz….

Debbie Wyatt… Fun shopping on Roller Skates

Kathy Wood… And even though it’s ESK it still has tge Sainbury’s floor tiles

Gary Thomas… I remember going there with my mum on a Saturday just before closing. They didn’t used to open on a Sunday. So people were circling like airplanes over an airport but with shopping trolleys. Then the yellow ticket fun would begin. HALF PRICE BAKERY GOODS! Suddenly the calm atmosphere was filled with trolley people dive bombing the bakery to get to their half priced goods. The funny thing was it was like spot who was here last week. Yep, normally the same people. That was a great memory from Sainos when it was in Cambridge Road.

Pauline Richards… I worked there in the 80s. 9 at night till.7 in the morning!

Ian Johnson… Used to go there with Mum

Martin Curcher… And me when we had the Flat (Beanfeast and Egg Noodles)

Lorna Brazier… I worked there in 82, and left in 83

Jane Freund… I went into labour in this shop, in 1988! Finished the shopping too

Martin Curcher… My first job was working in the Fruit and Veg section in 1981/82. The supervisor was an older lady called Meg

Angela Frances Gardner… Replaced the ABC cinema

Karen Brooker… Used to shop here, it’s ESK now

Jane Kirkham… I worked there when it first opened.

Linda Hollands… Got most of my fruit and veg from green grocers next door to Sainsburys

Anthony Kingsman… Still the same tills and belts i think in the store

Mandy Taylor… I remember those days! Shopping with my nan..

Janette Morfey… If my memory serves me right, it was mid 70’s that it opened. ??

Alan Esdaile… August 74 Janette.

Steve Thorpe… Was it the Co-op before ESK?

Tony Court-holmes… I remember the minors

Lynda Coleman Westlake… Jane, I worked in the old one where nationwide is now lol xxx



The Dripping Well Cambridge Road Hastings

Postcard for sale eBay….

Fred Marsh… what was the pub next door called

John Gale… Before the Tubman,,, The Cambridge I think

Reid McDuffie… I went there every weekend in the early 80s. Forget it’s name back then

Fred Marsh… yes The Cambridge well done i shall sleep tonight

Jo Avery… Yes the Cambridge my Aunt and Uncle ran it for quite a few years. Jim and Di Davidson.

Eugene Hughes… Jo, I used to adore the fish pies Di made. Jim went on to run The Railway pub. Then was curator at Rye Museum I believe.

Jo Avery… Yes she was one amazing cook!

Mike Mitchell… I’m sure I had cricket coaching in the nets at the Priory Ground with Len Creese…I also passed by the Dripping Well on my stag night and had several pints of bitter poured down my trousers. Thank you for that Allen Blackford.

Eugene Hughes… How odd. I was just about to post, when I read this. I had cricket training with Len Creese at the Priory Meadow. I never knew that he was the landlord at the DW.

James Bacon… How much for?

Alan Esdaile… £5. current bid.

James Westlake… I used to use the Garage at the top of the hill to fill up our works van.

Tony Davis… Len Crease was groundsman at the Central Cricket Ground and sold me my first Gray Nicholls cricket bat

Eugene Hughes… Gray Nicholls are still there and trading in Robertsbridge. I remember seeing Ted Dexter playing for Sussex at the PM. It was against Kent. He scored 203 not out. He signed and gave my dad his bat when he came back into the pavilion. I have it to this day.

James Westlake… Definitely old enough

Graham Sherrington… cor Blimey memories

Jacquie Hinves…Spent most evenings on there as a student nurse45 years ago. It was the first pub Kevin Hoad and I went the day I started at the old RESH!

Gaynor Lewry… And the pump house we went there as well

Duncan… Thank You all for remembering my Grandfather Len Creese in his capacities as Professional Cricketer, Cricket Coach, Groundsman and Publican. He would be touched that you all remember him so far after his time.

Peter Houghton… Used to go in there in the 70s when I lived in Linton Road

Jeff McCall… Bottom of Dorset Place, used to live there opposite the glass works where my dad worked. It was a two up two down house and I remember the tin bath hung on the backyard door! That was in the mid 50″s.

Bewlay Pipes Cambridge Road Hastings

Alan Esdaile… I’m sure we used to buy single cigarettes from here!

Colin Bell… Yup, then go and smoke them underage in the Orion

Nadia Compagnone… Great picture, any idea of the date?

Alan Esdaile… I think late 50’s or early 60’s Nadia?

Alan Esdaile… A couple of oddities on this photo. The side of Phoenix Assurance seems to have some type of graffiti on the wall and a pair of teeth above? And as for the window over the road, someone is having a shower in it!

David Wilkinson…. One of needs to go to Specsavers

Leigh Kennedy… that ‘graffiti’ is actually a faded hand painted sign , probably from the early 1900s ( though I can’t make out the exact words) and the ‘teeth’ are actually a heraldic coat of arms..

Lloyd Johnson… .you got me at it with the shower thing!…

Ian Price… We use to call them “loosies”scouse slang slang for loose ones!

Bookham Ally… same place now

Perri Ann Haste… I am sure I used to get the multi coloured Sobrani cocktail cigarettes here in the 70’s – very sophisticated! – or so we thought…. Now an ex smoker of over 35 years.

Di Veness… Perri, I think it was a tobacconist on Queen’s Road? Well, that’s where we sophisticates bought them anyway 😆 Smoked the colour that matched our maxi dresses

Dennis Torrance… I used to buy from here to, great place still is

Andy Qunta… Familiar view!






Sainsbury’s Cambridge Road Hastings August 1974

James Read… Got a lot of memories from working there over a four year period 80 – 84.

Jonathan Rudd… Ben, too

Sheila Maile… Used it all the time when we lived in town till it closed

John Gale… Started shopping there regularly in 1987 and still shop with them regularly now… Home delivery once a week, very reliable

Andy Coleman… I remember the old one, I think Nationwide is there now, used to go with my Gran to help her with the shopping. Individual counters where you asked for what you wanted and given it in bags.

Nadia Compagnone… I remember all the staff being dressed in very clean white overalls and everything being behind glass counters. No helping yourself off shelves.

Angela Frances Gardner… This makes me feel sad as I went to meet my mother there on December 7th 1983 not knowing that she had died the evening before , I found out an hour after I had gone to meet her.

Gill Harrod… Look at those opening hours – closed Sunday AND Mondays! And special late night shopping to 8pm Thursday and Friday! When people who worked in retail could have a life!

Ian Johnson… Should bring back the opening hours for the staff

Cris Kennard… I worked in Sainsbury’s Cambridge Rd prior to its opening in the 70’s to the public we had a tour of the building and basement areas. After opening we could buy any out of date food for a pittance as long as some cash went through the tills at end of shift.

Lorna Brazier… I used to work there back in 82.

Dawn… My mum used to be a Tesco fan but when Sainsburys opened she was drawn there instead, especially as the bus stop was right outside!