Felix, Samisen & This Side Up – The Carlisle Hotel 3rd Oct 1975

felix 1975

felix 1975 ad

supplied by Roger Carey

Felix press cutting … Wesley Magoogan, Roger Carey, Den Wootton, Will Thomson and Mike Tanner.

Wesley Magoogan… Amazing looking at the past ! Hard to believe this was 40 years ago, seems like yesterday !

Martin Curcher… Is that Mike Tanner on the right?

Liane Carroll… Fab picture. My hubby looks sooooo cute!!!

Yvonne Cleland… Remember this night well! xxx

Conan Howard… Samisen knocked it out of the ball park that night

Sarah Harvey… Yes we did

Bernard Goffredo… as always. It was fun in those days

Roger Carey… Lenny and Ralph!

Roger Carey…That gig went particularly well, the review was written by Stephen Turner who was in year above me at school and became a Hastings Observer journalist of renown- it was good to have someone who had interest and enthusiasm for the Hastings music scene! Thanks for putting this up Alan! Look forward to when we can all meet up at a “Smart” gathering again….The band Felix had been formed in late 1974 I think , Den Wootton’s brother Cliff was originally on bass but suggested I should take his place so I joined in 1975.. We carried on into 76 with a lot of writing, recording, rehearsals and selected gigs but when Wesley Magoogan decided to leave to concentrate on session work the band was reshaped by Mike Tanner and Will Thomson into “Aircraft”. Den and I moved to our pop/rock band “HatTrick”.. Fun and games man!.. One of my film quotes in that essay about Felix… In “JFK” Joe Pesci plays a very jumpy character who , while being interviewed by Kevin Costner, talks about “everybody was flipping sides- fun and games , man…!” It came to me whilst thinking of us all joining or checking out each other’s bands!

Barry French… Happy memories of two great local bands

Terry Pack… I heard Felix a couple of times. Roger’s playing scared the living daylights out of me.



Who used to play darts? – Bobby George The Carlisle Hastings 1985

Martin Richter… 15 & 5/8ths – the classic score!

Shaun Pont… I think this was a Courage pubs promotion. Participating Courage pubs held competitions to provide a player to represent them. It was not exclusive to Hastings as The Junction at Polegate was one of the participating pubs.

Jim Reilly… Now Bobby George runs fishing lakes in essex

John Bownas… Careful with arrows in Hastings… you’ll have someone’s eye out with that…

Graham Sherrington… John, Oh Dear. Good One not heard that for years

Factory Reunion Gig Clips – The Carlisle Hastings 16th Oct 2015 by Teresa Qunta


Peter Millington… Great and thanks Teresa Qunta for posting this for those of us that couldn’t get there.

Dave Oakley… brilliant a real privilege to have been there, best regards to my old mate Lol 🙂 all those tales of how good Factory were turned out to be true, your old rascal from Schnoz!!

Steam – The Carlisle Tramps Supper – 1974


Anyone remember this band?

Mick O’Dowd… Are they not the Nah,nah, nah goodbye band?

Alan Esdaile… I knew you were going to say that Mick! Very unlkely its the same band.

Dave Nattress… I think this “Steam” was a re-name from a band called “Penny Black” which my old mate Terry Creasey used to play in. It was not the same Steam as the Na, Nah etc. but I think they used to play the song.

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… I wonder who won the competition for the best dressed tramp? I hope they had actually entered the competition!