Felix, Samisen & This Side Up – The Carlisle Hotel 3rd Oct 1975

felix 1975

felix 1975 ad

supplied by Roger Carey

Felix press cutting … Wesley Magoogan, Roger Carey, Den Wootton, Will Thomson and Mike Tanner.

Wesley Magoogan… Amazing looking at the past ! Hard to believe this was 40 years ago, seems like yesterday !

Martin Curcher… Is that Mike Tanner on the right?

Liane Carroll… Fab picture. My hubby looks sooooo cute!!!

Yvonne Cleland… Remember this night well! xxx

Factory Reunion Gig Clips – The Carlisle Hastings 16th Oct 2015 by Teresa Qunta


Peter Millington… Great and thanks Teresa Qunta for posting this for those of us that couldn’t get there.

Dave Oakley… brilliant a real privilege to have been there, best regards to my old mate Lol 🙂 all those tales of how good Factory were turned out to be true, your old rascal from Schnoz!!

Steam – The Carlisle Tramps Supper – 1974


Anyone remember this band?

Mick O’Dowd… Are they not the Nah,nah, nah goodbye band?

Alan Esdaile… I knew you were going to say that Mick! Very unlkely its the same band.

Dave Nattress… I think this “Steam” was a re-name from a band called “Penny Black” which my old mate Terry Creasey used to play in. It was not the same Steam as the Na, Nah etc. but I think they used to play the song.

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… I wonder who won the competition for the best dressed tramp? I hope they had actually entered the competition!