Who went to Carnaby Street in the swinging 60’s?

photo: 1968 – H.Grobe

Thanks to John Busbridge for suggesting this post.

Wendy Weaver… Fascinsting. Takes me back to happy times when I worked there

Peter Fortsch… Really Cool man. And i love the fantastic classic motors.

Lucy Pappas… Wonderful piece of film, Al, thank you x

Paul Crimin… How sad to think that all of those ‘pretty young things’ are now 53 years older. I wish I’d been born ten years earlier when I see film like that.

John Busbridge… I was just 20 years old in 1967 and used to go to Carnaby Sreet to buy some of my clothes!

Moya Wilson… This is fantastic !!! Takes you right back !!

Liz Dianto… Fascinating

Gerry Fortsch… I still have my Sgt Pepper jacket I purchased in 1967/68 up in the loft sadly it has shrunk a little I think.

Ian Tee… Carnaby street by day then Wardour street for the night. Happy times

Alan Parker… Oh WoW. I remember it like it was yesterday. was a regular Saturday trip for me , was about 18 then

Colin Bell… Great stuff John, bought my first ‘stage gear’ there in 1968 and Ravel shoes! good times

Ian Tee… do you remember “Topper” shoe shop. Just down from Ravel.

Colin Bell… Vaguely Ian, but you know what they say about the 60’s

Paul Marshall… That’s quite special.

John William Willis… Just got stationed in Chelsea barracks what a place to visit , we came back with flowery shirts etc the older soldiers took a dim view , Whats this!!! they were from another generation some were from the war 2 etc from 20 years ago we did not understand them either

Alan Esdaile… I remember buying a hippy bell in Carnaby Street.

Alan Parker… did you wear the blue tinted Lenon glasses too Alan. I was a hippy too gave out flowers in Kentish town and Camden town. Lost count of how many times I got told to get a job or a haircut. Don’t think I was being given a choice , it was just their way of telling me to F… off

Martin Stoggell… I remember buying some blue suede shoes down there about that time. Magic

Martin Curcher… When people actually talked face to face and not a mobile phone in sight, how good was that?

John Gale… How great that someone had the foresight to think something great is going on here in Carnaby Street let’s film it. Not alot of that going on in detail these days. Just snippets from mobile phones

Dave Nattress… Yeah definitely but not really knowing what to expect I found it quite a disappointingly short street, maybe was thinking it would be like Oxford Street. But, during those late 60’s and into the early 70’s the other places we went to were the Kings Road, Chelsea, – “Granny Takes a Trip” etc. The Chelsea Drugstore (Pub), Kensington Market a huge building, two/three floors full of stalls, jewellery, shoes, clothes, loon pants, Tie-dye T shirts, Cheesecloth shirts, Kurta’s, Afghan coats, Joss sticks, Musk oil, Patchouli Oil, BIBA – Kensington and Petticoat Lane Market off Aldgate on a Sunday morning. Topper shoes, Ravel, platforms, stacked wooden heels. Great days to have experienced and so long ago!

Steve Maxted… Most of my outfits were made there by a well known tailor. Also bought many crazy shoes and boots up there

John Warner… Me too, had a great collection of shirts and Robin Hood boots

Nick Prince… I love it

What memories do you have of Carnaby Street?

Alan Esdaile… Remember buying a hippie bell in Carnaby Street

Dennis Torrance… Hipsters with the thick belt plus some flowered shirts was me

Pete Fisher…  I’d just turned 12, and my Mum took me and my younger sister up to London for a day out, and I insisted on going to Carnaby Street, which was already pretty tacky and full of souvenirs, but I loved it…I think I might have bought a bell too… Receipt & tube ticket…

Mick Knights… All I remember is most of the shop owners coming to me for ideas!!

Leigh Wieland-Boys…  I was a 14 year old school hockey player from Lincoln on a day trip to White City to watch the England ladies hockey team v Germany. The teachers made a detour so us girls could walk down Carnaby Street – I remember that more than the match! Seem to recall we went in Biba! It was awesome!

Mark Randall…  If I had a pound for every time the footage of the uniformed, top hatted chap rummaging thru’ the clothes racks whenever a doc or reference to the swing in’ 60s is made, I’d be a billionaire!