Do you remember using ink pens at school?

Chris Baker… I remember China inkwells and wooden stick pens that we dipped into the ink. We had Ink Monitors to fill them up!

Sue Bennett… l remember winning a little contest for italic handwriting using these pens, they were lovely.

Kathy Wood… I still prefer ink to cartridges but dont often get chance to use it nowadays

Pete Brazier… Didn’t matter what type you used, you still got ink on your hands, toung, pockets shirt and in your bag!

Alan Esdaile…  remember it well.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Ink everywhere!

Wendy Weaver… Yes, I remember and will admit to being THAT old

Pete Brazier… at least you don’t remember having to use a Quil 😂 Like I Do

Ernest Ballard… Yes

Victoria Diaz-Fernandez… Yep

Nigel Goodman… Yes and windmilling your arm holding the pen splashing ink everywhere

Clifford Rose… No but I remember breaking my ink bottle in my school bag once.

Nigel Goodman… We had a boy who drank blue ink for a dare

Mike Guy… Was his name Stephen?

Lyn Humphrey… I hated using the old inkwells; if you were left-handed, you’d smudge the wet ink all over your work. Eventually we were allowed to use ball-points, so then my writing was merely spidery, instead of being smudged as well.

Terry Hardwick… Quink ink

Den Bray… I have used proper fountain pens in preference to ball- points for
many years … I remember my uncle who was a sucker new gadgets he bought at great expense a “Biro ” auntie was not impressed when she discovered how much it cost

Conan Howard… I used to be an INK monitor at school in the late 50s , we had to mix powdered ink with water ,then pour it into the ink wells that were built into the desks , I was always covered in the stuff after that job.